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Adam Ant - 1969 Again
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni/Boz Boorer Well hello matey What have you done for me lately? Yeah Are you paying my rent? Are you my best friend? You can't beat our meat So you better shut your pipehole Mi
Adam Ant - 5 Guns West
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Ladies can be captains and ladies can be chiefs just like glorious Amazons, Ann Bonny, Mary Read ladies can be captains and ladies can be chiefs this stuff I'm talking buddy-bob
Adam Ant - Alien
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni/Boz Boorer Great when you call us Thank you for staying with us We missed you all so desperately But don't blink or you'll miss me On a street like this as it were From the thi
Adam Ant - All Girl Action
Hey Sweetie, let's you and me get clear my head, flesh, body and soul Hey Sweetie, in spite all the hangers thrown, clean out every thing known Well there's no names here just ties and faces Living in
Adam Ant - Amazon
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Just stay out of my face And get out of this place Stop pulling my string If you want a nice face Boy None so dull as spoken word Things like girls be seen not heard And when
Adam Ant - Angel
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni/Boz Boorer Well come tell me your story I'll tell you mine Sunday morning Communion Standing in a line Feeling like a cannibal Eating flesh and drinking blood Diguised as wine
Adam Ant - Animals And Men
uno, due, tre, quattro ... Marinetti Boccioni, Carra Balla Palasechi! Marinetti Boccioni, Carra Balla Palasechi! Futurist Manifesto! Futurist Manifesto! war is the worlds lowly hygeine
Adam Ant - Beat My Guest
Adam Ant Well tie me up and hit me with a stick Beat me beat me Yeah, use a truncheon or a household brick Beat me beat me There's so much happiness behind these tears Beat me beat me I pray you'll
Adam Ant - Cajun Twisters
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Get on your backstep where you belong Leave your shirt and tie undone Cajun twister all night long You fight so hard to get your name What big eyes you got grandma On every ton
Adam Ant - Cartrouble
have you ever had a ride in a light blue car? have you ever stopped to think who's the slave and who's the master? have you ever had trouble with your automobile? have you ever had to
Adam Ant - Dog Eat Dog
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni you may not like the things we do only idiots ignore the truth it's easy to lay down and hide where's the warrior without his pride? we're gonna move real good - yeah right
Adam Ant - Fall In
Adam Ant Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One At the screen on the green now (You'd better take it in the ear now) (You'd better listen to the ants now) Fall out Fall out Fall o
Adam Ant - Feed Me To The Lions
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni too emotional am I? too emotional am I? with a spirit soaring ten miles high I sing loud words that make me cry too emotional are we? too emotional are we? defying all securi
Adam Ant - Friends (Version 2)
Adam Ant I'm a friend of Mr. Pastry I'm a friend of Allen Jones I'm a friend of Shirley Bassey I'm a friend of your chromosomes I'm a friend of Stuart Sutcliffe I'm a friend of Michael Miles I'm a f
Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni With the heartbreak open So much you can't hide Put on a little makeup makeup Make sure they get your good side good side If the words unspoken Get stuck in your throat Send a
Adam Ant - Gotta Be A Sin
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni/Boz Boorer It's burning holes into my heart To leave that face so tenderly I know that I can't stop the pain But oh the pain cannot stop me Into a heart so lost and broken An a
Adam Ant - Human Bondage Den
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni 0 lucky lucky me I can live here in luxury Can't answer your simplicity You've got to stop your grumbling And all that human bondage den And try to make a man of me Oh never n
Adam Ant - Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni a new Royal Family a wild nobility we are the family I feel beneath the white there is a redskin suffering from centuries of taming no method in our madness just pride about
Adam Ant - Made Of Money
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni You think that I'm amde of money You've got something coming honey This ain't no land of milk and honey My accountant thinks that's funny Instead of trying to use your brains Y
Adam Ant - Miss Thing
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Miss Thing what you got to say? We saw a honey just the other day A wild cat, a loud shirt Thinking up stuff just to different Wa-la-ba-loomba Wa-la-ba-loomba Wa-la-ba-loomba
Adam Ant - Piccadilly
Adam Ant/Andre Cymone Down in Piccadilly down in West One They dress like Laurence Harvey The immaculate son She looks good and lovely A sight for all to see With a voice you could get lost in Ei
Adam Ant - Survival Of The Fetish
Sound and the fury baby Justice of the proud You know those manufactured couples with there bad news and off style Going round and round and round and round going round Shake off the lint babe the tim
Adam Ant - Tabletalk
don't like your stare don't like the arm in the air your style is so brash and that silly moustache it was, tabletalk the evil I see sends bad vibrations through me and oh what
Adam Ant - The Idea
I went to the zoo to look at the animals the first thing I saw was a wallfull of handclaps some wearing green hats and all sucking chocky bars so I went and looked at the three horned
Adam Ant - The Magnificent Five
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni long ago in London town a man called Ant sat deeply sighing he was wondering which side of the fence he was on prick up your ears... time went by and soon the one was five you
Adam Ant - Very Long Ride
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni/John Reynolds/Kevin Mooney I got up early and the sun was by my side I thought you was my friend But all you did was lie And now I carry this until the day I die I keep on ridin
Adam Ant - Whip In My Valise
when I met you you were just sixteen pulling the wings off flies when an old lady got hit by a truck I saw the wicked gleam in your eyes your sadistic suits my masochistic and theres a
Adam Ant - Yours, Yours, Yours
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni I will love you each day of my life And when I die they can Fetch them a knife Cut me open Written on by brain And in my heart they'll find a name It'll be yours, yours, yours
Adam Ant - Zerox
lock up your brain because I'm here again I'm never bored to steal your chords ooh-ooh Zerox Machine ooh-ooh Zerox Machine give me a line or a middle eight I've got the best so I want


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