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Adagio - Chosen
[Lyrics/Forte - Music/Forte] [Verse 1] I'm lost in nowhere, I cannot see What's inside of me Some changes appear I can feel, I'm getting alive [Bridge] My eyes are wide, Opened to this brand n
Adagio - From My Sleep To Someone Else
[Lyrics/Forte - Music/Forte] [Verse] Sometimes Morpheus's waiting, For my dreams to make me realize, How alone I can feel, in my suffers, How fragile I am. Who's controlling myself, My tears ar
Adagio - In Nomine
Your grace was the key to cast our sins. In a world of sorrow and despair So that one day we'll jin him Rise eternal filled prayer Ave Maria The voice, of thou Forever In our hearts we rejoic
Adagio - Introitus
[Lyrics/Forte - Music/Forte] [Verse I] Ashes surrounding me Nothing else, but darkness, blood and pain My determination will prevent you to outlast [Verse II] After so many years of disgrace I f
Adagio - Missa Aeterna (Bonus Track)
[Bonus Track]
Adagio - Next Profundis
[Lyrics/Forte - Music/Forte-Codfert] Crossing the borders of an enchanted dream Silver dust falling on my hands Empty spaces of a new horizon Frontiers to another land See the stars come closer,
Adagio - Sanctus Ignis
Looking for sanctuary is not what it seems A journey for all, in there distant dreams. The voice of a wise man singing in there hearts. Your pride is your mentor, honor is where it all starts.
Adagio - Second Sight
I foresee ages of chaos, But my ordeal has yet just started For these ominous signs, Are bound to plague me Haunt for centuries to come, My healing incantations Are destined for failure My un
Adagio - Seven Lands Of Sin
Golden Tears Form from my eyes, The blast of sand on my face Marks the beginning of my punishment. But now it is too late to regret. Wandering the labyrinth of tears Scaling the pyramids of des
Adagio - The Inner Road
Red clouds always surrender to the nightfall. But still there is a million ants, swarning on the ground. Spirits will come in a blurred shape I just have to wait, it's a matter of time. Walking t
Adagio - The Mirror Stage
[Lyrics/Bedos - Music/Forte] [Verse] What is that shape in front of me Spying through the looking glass ? This figure is haunting me, Aping my every gestures, Stealing my soul, my self, The pre
Adagio - The Stringless Violin
Now the time has come to face, my untold fears Every waking hour, drained me through the years So that I'm not one with myself my strength, my gift Is destined to be forgotten I have seen the world
Adagio - Underworld
[Lyrics/Forte - Music/Forte] Like the serpent crawling in filth Murdering yourselves, feeded by spit A darkened candle you have lit Why all these sad smiles look so fake ? Preaching the evil, prov


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