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Act Fast - Boring
Things never seem to turn out just right Why I don't know Things used to move way to fast Now it seems to move so slow We used to do lots of cool stuff Now I just sit and watch TV Life used to be so
Act Fast - Bruises
I dont' know Why you do Everything that you do Seems to me You can't see Just how much That you've changed And everything That you do Turns my skin black and blue And why do you Just proceed to
Act Fast - For The Better
You knew you were right-until I proved you wrong You knew you were on track-till I showed you that you were lost You knew that things were going good-till I showed you what life's really like You're not
Act Fast - Lucky 13
Everything that I Was taught to be right Was it all a stupid lie All the things you taught All the battles we faught And all the unforgetable thoughts My brain is twisted now The room it spins aroun
Act Fast - Red Licorice
This is it We're all going down What would be next What unsuspecting town Trajedies have come and gone What horrors lay in the dark The echo of another shot Another psycho makes his mark *Chorus*
Act Fast - Reruns
Sometimes I Feel my Life Has stopped before It has begun Nothing's changed It's all the same My Life is just Reruns *Chorus* Sitting alone In my room Another wasted night Another episode Consta
Act Fast - What
It's not what you'd expect This time it's for real And no one can make the decision for you I can't help you now Neither can your friends It's up to you and only you Only You *Chorus* Please don't


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