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Acrostichon - Dehumanized
Haunted with fear Watch the others die Experience of fear Human forms will burn Dehumanizing beings Fill the wickerman Celtic folk tradition Human forms will burn I cannot believe I deserve this f
Acrostichon - Engraved In Black
There's no turning back Back out of life Life's adversity A grotesque contradiction Drowning in hope Hope gets distorted Distorted mental state Feel the pain of life I hold in contempt Those witho
Acrostichon - Forgotten
[music & lyrics by richard] i am clean forgotten as a dead man out of mind i am become like a broken vessel for i have heard the blasphemy of the multitude ans fear is on every side while they consp
Acrostichon - Guilt
[music & lyrics by jos] guilt is growing in my head building on a painful past distorting all i think and see my mask is your reality innosense on it's own among the tempting forces i'd so much like
Acrostichon - Havoc
We fight on this field of honour Maimed bodies everywhere We mystify our feelings Thinking anyone cares This mystical sphere Malice of the mind We will soon die here Our bodies they won't find They
Acrostichon - Mentally Deficient
I set my foot in my cottage Eyes attracted by human debris Floorboards covered in spinal fluids Oozing liquid putresence Open the fridge; gory sight Human remains; total disgust Mummified body concea
Acrostichon - Pain
[music & lyrics by Richard] portraits; all over this wall murdered morals taking my fall velvet footsteps caressing the floor listen carefully; i want to be shure the pig is laughing; moments of doubt
Acrostichon - Scarred
[Music & Lyrics by Jos] Voices inside Keep on twisting my thoughts things that are rationally right sre crooked to me but i make it work my way the thoughts inside are painfully and cruel but they
Acrostichon - Sleepless
[music: jos, lyrics: michel] staring blind; there'sonly darkness bothered by too many thoughts thoughts of this scattered world filled with only bitterness the more i try to ease my mind the more s
Acrostichon - Snapshot
[music & lyrics by richard] i'm riding the lies sweet forest of lies my own few lines between my eyes i feel the rage; i touch my lips taste the blood drawn from my wrists it tastes so good; i dance
Acrostichon - Victims
[music: jos, lyrics: corinne] you are so changed since i met you vague moments seem to come more often why do you use it; throwing your life away tearing your friends and family with you first on p
Acrostichon - Zombies
Totally controlled It has filled your mind Attracted all your feelings Caught you from behind Keeps away the thoughts From your consious life Removes all the pleasure Hurts you like a knife No emot


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