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Across Five Aprils - A Million Miles To Montreal
Dear Sam, I'm sorry I pushed you away from everything we had, even me. I couldn't ask you to wait forever. But that doesn't mean that my feelings have changed, everyday your face is clearer. Regret is
Across Five Aprils - A Year From Now
Complete and total adoration, My gift to you, my heart was yours, In ten weeks you shaped it, In one night you murdered it. Torn from my chest and laid at your feet, That first step that you took was
Across Five Aprils - Around The World In A Radio Flyer
When you said goodnight, didn't you mean goodbye. It's not the way you loved me, but definitely how you hurt me. Your lies like a dagger through my heart. Pierced me where it hurts the most. If you wer
Across Five Aprils - Bite The Bullet
I'm lifted by your words. They mean so much. It's been so long since I've smiled. You bring me new life. Is this a dream? If so I don't want to ever wake. Let me sleep forever. Embrace this moment,
Across Five Aprils - Blue Eyed Suicide
I built up the walls one break at a time. We broke down the walls one brick at a time. But infatuation cuts quick and you sharpen the knife. A smile can only get you so far, blue eyed suicide. I was wi
Across Five Aprils - Car Wrecks And Plane Crashes
Without cause people disapear right before my eyes. Did they speak the truth or were their words disposable. My heart is bleeding you've caused me so much pain. Go ahead leave you're not worth it. Hear
Across Five Aprils - Hearts, Necks And Other Things That Break
Heart-shaped hallways. Leading the way to nowhere. And I'm left stranded here. Two years from anywhere. Too scared to leave the shelter of this fear. I'll just follow the fragrance of these fake tears
Across Five Aprils - My Eyes Murdered Charles Townsend
I don't look that familiar. No, I don't know you from anywhere. Would you care to just be straight with me? You just met me for the first time and that's fine. Why are you so afraid to speak your mind?
Across Five Aprils - The Helpless Dreams Of An Assassin
So sure of what i wanted. But what wanted me? Money speaks louder than my dreams. Normal life was something I'd seen as tragedy. The future is never what it seems. Common life has come so easily. Mon
Across Five Aprils - The Sweet And Sour Speech
Roll down the windows, the AC's busted. 12 hours from home and empty pockets. Didn't get our garuntee another show for free. All for the sake of this rock n roll. It's time to switch drivers. My shift


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