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Acron - Backward Flowing Time
lost in the land of nowhere floating in a misty cloud of wonder the quest has just began through this dreamland I will travel knowing just what I don't need to be I'll start the search for the unknown
Acron - Crown Of Thorns
I'm trying to fly migrate towards a new dimension to forget wash away the blood which stains me I've seen your hands build my coffin I've seen your mind build my end I've seen your finger point to me
Acron - Dislocated
is there a sense in what I am doing? could there be any reason for my suffering? sometimes I feel my acts are replicated a nonsense, my life is intoxicated I'm just considered a mean of production ser
Acron - Obsession
millions of images are growing in my eyes as they vortically twist a state of confusion absorbs my sight feelings of claustrophobia dwell inside my shadow hitting every obstacle I'm breathlessly dragg
Acron - Sons Of Sterility
can't see any light out there in nothingness a cold wind is blowin' I fall into the void a fall so endless, slowing my thoughts down so painless, so deceiving paralyzing my feelings my hands are empt
Acron - The Change
I've made many mistakes, I've lied many times hoping to change my life living without be able to show what I really am only empty eyes follow my pain I've denied God many times father of my lonelines
Acron - Unenlightened
it's me, something that doesn't exist anymore just the shadow of what I was - a human being I remember the life I lived, now so far away memories are preserving my human part I want a crystal heart to


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