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Acroma - Beliefs
Time out, wait a minute here gotta get a clear head need time, to take a look within i've been misled lost track, of my priorities caught in maze confused, a struggle within in search for way
Acroma - Big Karma Now
The blind man said hey I don't care I can smell it taste it on the air Let all the good folks stop and stare at me And we laced out veins with the poisons there and we Laid down in the poison air And
Acroma - Blind Anger And Hate
the anger grows stronger surrounded by hate the whole world has let you down and anger is your way out with a closed mind filled with anger and hate feel let n down close to being betrayed
Acroma - Give Us A Break
what is wrong come on give us a break working our ass off we got what it takes give us a break don't wait until tomorrow just do that and all the rest will follow give us a break help us out we
Acroma - Leave Me Alone
shut the fuck up get out of my way can't you see i'm getting sick and tired of you leave me alone stop bothering me why don't you just leave me alone this been going on for long now won't
Acroma - Let In Me
trapped i can see you need to get out out of balance needs help to get back you jsut deny it, everything is fine teling friends who wants to help just to step back i wanna help you to get stronge
Acroma - Lost Our Trust
Telling lies, making promises that they can't keep left or right they're all the same to me lost faith in the people that are here to lead us one way or another they always seem to let me down peop
Acroma - Motive
In your naked blood flow With a scream you flee me now Who really needs a motive? In your perfect Eden Everyone's a reason now Who really needs a motive? In every word you say I sense the blasphemy
Acroma - Nothing Left
dealing with this for quite a while and i'm glad that it's finally over i think it's time for me to move on cos there really is nothing left for me here keep on going start looking forward there'
Acroma - On That Day
On that day I finally saw it through wide open eyes And on that day another autumn day I saw the lies And I said stop `because I can't breathe Let me take away this blinding light And I said stop `beca
Acroma - Perfect
Everybody's watching through the smoke and lies What motivates our any motion? And everybody's reasons for locking up inside The storyline is nothing still you listen And you don't want to be perfect
Acroma - Slow Down
Wait up now time is a story it's holding me down holding me down now Wait up now time is a theory it's holding me down holding me down now Wait up now what's it going to take going to take to make you s
Acroma - Sweat
You're so engraved your face in my mind flowing You're so enslaved erased a witness to nothing You're such a cage to me you keep me weak and vain But I need your salty skin and your sweat On me Intoxi
Acroma - Take The Pain
Waking up most days I feel more Like a dead man rising It seems like too much energy for a bag of bones And for the lucky souls Waters wash away the cobwebs And for the lesser bones Lonely hearts and


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