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Acrimony - All Of My Heros Are Dead
Today my radio won't play You - you died and left me here this way I guess you lived you rlife Like a loaded shotgun You thought that your choice Was no choice at all I wanted to be just like you Al
Acrimony - Alone Again (Naturally)
It's who we are It's where we're going And it's where we've been In a little while from now If I'm not feeling any less sour I promise myself to treat myself And visit a nearby tower And climbing to
Acrimony - El Paso
Balcony in El Paso Cigarette butts grace my balcony And the remains of a dead pigeon seem somewhat poetic The life form that scurries around below *Is a mixture of Tex-Mex and trailer park trash I kno
Acrimony - Firedance
There was a thought at the beginning of time All lives were known yours and mine A conscious thought A thought of love Dance round the fire Dance round the fire You say to me A chemical reaction To
Acrimony - Heavy Feather
I was born a million years ago On a blue star far away I've talked to God for ages now And he answered back today Step aboard my spaceship, friend This timeless - journey now Don't worry if you can't
Acrimony - Killing Joke
People shoutin' nigger Well it's time to draw a truce Exxon's dumpin' oil Probably goin' for that deuce A baby boy of eighteen Gets his license to kill Mother in the ghetto Sells pills to pay her bi
Acrimony - Motherslug (The Mother Of All Slugs)
Dancin' mother, twirling round, Barefood dancin' Mother naked, sing to me A song of wonder Dancin' mother, up in the sky As old as time There's a wind amongst the trees swirling round Yeah... Danc
Acrimony - Shopping Cart Jesus
He walks with angels in his picket They tell him what to do His shopping cart's filled with newspapers And thirty-six discarded shoes He's met with heavy skepticism Messiahs don't come everyday Shopp
Acrimony - Stormy
Walk where you want Crawl if you need It's alright by me 'Cause I will always love you Just dance my dance Or crash my car Be who you are And I will always love you Oh stormy brown eyes Sweet ange
Acrimony - Vy
Oh won't you sit with me? It's time for us to see For I gave you your life How do you repay me My child I've always loved you I always will you know, my child I gave you your life How do you use you
Acrimony - Who We Are
It's who we are It's where we're going And it's where we've been


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