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Acid Drinkers - A Rubber Hammer And A Broken Head
(He) pounded my head with a rubber hammer Now I'm shorter by over half a meter I don't look down on anyone anymore I don't spit on anybody's head (He) pounded my head with a rubber hammer Now all I ha
Acid Drinkers - Acid Drinkers
Boy, you can go away And don't try and come back I don't forgive mistakes. don't you excuse yourself You're a scabby liar We need some blood to clean our honor. I am a Titan of patience You will los
Acid Drinkers - Acidofilia
2500 shots Take a time to get cured But time doesn't really matter Trying to make your soul be pure Time doesn't really matter I need to get myself free It's not important how it happens As long as
Acid Drinkers - Amazing Atomic Activity
Do you think, I'm a thing of a past? Do you think, I'm not gonna last? That it's time to humor me That I should take my place in history I stand like a matterhorn I am stubborn like no other And I'm
Acid Drinkers - Hydrogen
Another day, Another lied, More hopes and words And thoughts black as a nite Another place Another time Another needing and bleeding and pleading And such like You can't explain I can't deny We
Acid Drinkers - Joker
The joker is funny Joker is great His the best in this branch He's got the biggest pay Country wide clown The most stupid star The moron of the year, But Don't try to shoot him down Don't talk so l
Acid Drinkers - Marian Is A Metal Guru
Buy yourself some drums and a guitar too turn on the mic we're jammin' dude! Steady as she goes it's an easy beat let's record this stuff so what if it's s...? Don't look back watcha doin' man do
Acid Drinkers - Menel Song
[Ilde / Altman]
Acid Drinkers - Rats
Deep darkness, hard stench, the dirt, the pressure poison - gas, the circus, we vade in the sea of shit my fear, my blindness, impotence, it makes disorder in brain we stand in heep of dung Yeah, we're
Acid Drinkers - Solid Rock Part I
Is there someone in your life On whom you can depend Who will never sell you out Betray you as a friend Everybody needs someone sure, someone true Everybody needs a solid rock, I know I do Who'd die
Acid Drinkers - Stick Around
Don't go too far away That doesn't work for me In next few hours All the killers will be free No need to wander Sit by the telephone just stay at home Stay all night long Don't go too far away Tha
Acid Drinkers - W G F S Power
We came yesterday Here it's not O.K Everywhere we feel Smell of little lies. Menace, Confusion Backwardness, Irritation Yeah, we feel the pain Oh, it's not O.K Nothing changes here Nothing's good
Acid Drinkers - Wake Up! Here Come The Acids
Wake up! It is 4 in the morning Wake up! Someone's knocking at the door Maybe someone is starting the third world war Maybe someone wants to borrow sugar, ooh. Get up Open up Hurry up Wake up! Here


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