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Acid Death - AI
Under the light of this candle I write pages unfold of the stories of Old Ages before the Nuclear Winter a mind of man gave birth to a mind Open your eyes and search all the corners Open your ears and r
Acid Death - Frozen Heart
I wake up and I look at my face-can`t remember I can`t remember where I`ve been last night With whom I`ve, what I`ve done can`t remember what really happened Although I push my mind so hard And my thou
Acid Death - Liquid Heaven
Red eyes I see Watching carefully my face Smiling with fury and pain These eyes are mine Reminding the time When mind and body decay I laugh as I die shivering with ecstasy My body lays pale At t
Acid Death - My Destination
[based on Stephen King`s The Dark Tower Book series] The man in black fled across the desert And the Gunslinger followed On the quest for his lost soul Through fields and worlds Through Tull and Allie
Acid Death - Our Shadows
So much fear in me The future that I will never-never see Happiness is wasted-for ever Here, so lonely at the mountain top Is all this for a better tomorrow? The shouting the running alienated perso
Acid Death - Realising
Let me relate you to something Maybe a piece of myself I`m so lonely- I don`t know why I don`t know why I feel so much aversion for those I look alike (Feel so much aversion for those I look alike) Ho
Acid Death - Reappearing Freedom
I am the son and daughter I`m the only child of father that breeds you I watch from above seeing my blood feed the roses giving you the cross A step closer I fight not while you While you pound that n
Acid Death - The Mirror On The Top Of The World
We stand in a corner astonished With what man is capable to do A watcher of all and always Of good times and bad But after centuries of deep faith You have come to understand That the Evil within lo
Acid Death - While The End Is Coming
Within the thin light of every dawn I see a future which I know I`ll miss I see joy on faces of children and men I hear all sounds even the snake`s hiss Beyond the cell bars that keep me from you Remo


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