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Aceyalone - Accepted Eclectic
Here we go: Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, Twenty-five, thirty, thrirty-five, forty Forty-five, fifty, fifty-five, sixty Sixty-five, seventy, seventy-five ways Today's in a maze And start the craze Whe
Aceyalone - Five Feet
One Two, One Two You got the levels straight? lets do my thing Talking shit while he was rollin' his weed my niger hit him in the face he didn't know that disrespect would lead to such a serious cas
Aceyalone - Hardship
Yeah! And you don't stop Now, once again Ace One is on the wax and this one goes out to everybody who experienced in their lifetime or going to experience in their lifetime some type of hardship Be
Aceyalone - I Never Knew
Pump it up a little bit Alright look [Verse One] See I never really new life could be so hard I never really new pain til I got scared I never knew people could be so cold I never knew wrong til I wa
Aceyalone - In Stereo
[Chorus] What is that.. in the stereo That's Acey/A.C. - Automatic Control What is that.. in the stereo AHHH! That's Acey/A.C. - Automatic Control [Verse One] I can leap over a buildin with the grea
Aceyalone - Junkman
(Somebody say ho-oh...) (Say ho-oh-oh....) [Aceyalone - talking] Yesss man But im not a motherfuckin' yes man Yeah you know how it goes down You just longer now, ain't nothing to it but to get it don
Aceyalone - Let Me Hear Sumn
[Chorus: repeat 2X] Lemme hear somethin' Lemme hold somethin' Roll somethin' Lemme show you somethin' What'chu know good What's poppin' wit'chu What's happenin' What's crackalackin'? How you macki
Aceyalone - The Balance
Intro: Mr. Mix Mr. DJ play that beat. Won't you play if for me. In the mix mister hop forward hop back. Hop, hop hop. Verse 1: The second somebody dies somebody else is born People are celebrating w
Aceyalone - The Energy
Gather around, gather around We are about to spark this potential energy and we gonna channel it to one source because the energy can, and will be dictated in any direction, in any situation any which
Aceyalone - The Thief In The Night
As I awaken Born from the slums and taken Through the ritual, childhood, puberty, adulthood, maturity And mastery of me And my surroundings counting down the days till I'm exposed, I hear it move
Aceyalone - The Walls And The Windows
Chorus The walls have ears, the windows have eyes and a wise man tells no lies The walls have ears, the windows have eyes and a dead man tells no lies Repeat No lies, no lies, no lies And a dead m


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