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Acetone - All You Know
All you know Has just slipped away Still you go on Waking up each day How'd you get Into this state? Countless hours With no end in sight Counting promises That turned into lies Everyone Got in
Acetone - Barefoot On Sunday
As we stood, the night stood still You were one. I was two. With our size You were me. I passed through.
Acetone - Chills
I've got chills. They're multiplyin'. Strange vibrations in my head And I can feel disintegration Like flies livin' in my bed Ow There were three dots in formation Eerie sights along the road And th
Acetone - Come On
I'm still waiting. I'm still waiting. I'm still waiting. I'm still waiting. Like in the desert sun, I feel the heat run down, and around my body. The warm water feels so right. And in the broad dayligh
Acetone - Endless Summer
Deserts, mountains, and vultures Little Wheeling Specks Hear wings cut the air… Lather, Rinse, and Repeat until clean
Acetone - Louise
Don't turn your eyes away And please say that you will stay A while I know things could go wrong But what's the use if you don't try. Louise Chorus: Oh please, Just go on and take a look and then
Acetone - No Need Swim
I'm a molecule of water Flying over Niagara Falls While my world is flowing down To the sea I'm the ebb and flow of the ocean She's the magnetic pull of the moon And all the stars are falling down A
Acetone - Sundown
Time makes its incision, The night is bound to fall. Everything oozes, edge of a razor, check it and bleed. The moon will shed its shadow, And look just like the sun. Everything oozes, edge of a razor
Acetone - Things Are Gonna Be Alright
You may try and try again Not to be unsatisfied Just squeezing by one more time But how long do you go on Believing things are gonna be alright? Not to decry the simple life But lately I've been gett


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