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Accidental Superhero - 14 Miles
fourteen miles 'til i break you down time to realize i can make you frown my soul is free so step up on it to see past the faded sign can't stop the tide, it flows (can't stop the pain inside, can'
Accidental Superhero - Bated
on bated breath i wait and the scent i smell anticipated death from the windowsill beg the rains flow give the wind your will pray the gods you serve get their greedy fill pass the cup you spill a
Accidental Superhero - Brainiac
i saw the light as it shone you grabbed my soul as it moaned we were standing alone we left well enough alone but it turned around and followed us home there was nothing easy to say i need a change
Accidental Superhero - Brother
st thomas and an old man walkin' and he tells him go your own way, be your own stay don't matter what they all say in the middle of a fire you feel the need to run the only way to make it is to stan
Accidental Superhero - Hold On
hold on forever, or at least today don't follow me, i'm blind now you're forsaken, thought you'd never be don't forget that you're mine i seem torn along the path to decide for the better or blow like
Accidental Superhero - Hope
with the princess i would leave the city gate she and i would go into the fields and wait for the sky to dusk turn dark and feed the moon a knight could only hope light would not come soon the land
Accidental Superhero - Hurt Me Badly
i entertain all the pain saw the hope wash down the drain - it's nothing it's not the flame that burns insane i slipped up, messed up when you i blamed don't sign for sorrow, i'll keep the heart i borr
Accidental Superhero - Jade
i knew the way to get her was to let her know that i didn't want her don't let it show i knew i could not stop her her mind was slow she hoped i couldn't see her when her tears would flow now she's
Accidental Superhero - Lay Down Your Head
lay down your head it's not as bad as it seems to be come to my bed hand over all of your grief to me and scream so sweetly as you're losing all your ground and fall so neatly as it all comes crashing
Accidental Superhero - Let Me Be Free
tick-tock, i saw the clock but you felt so good that i couldn't stop and all along i thought it was wrong 'til you sang a new song and you came along with those eyes you could hypnotize i reached for
Accidental Superhero - Mary
you can't tell me anything at all all your knowing will never stand, it'll fall but i've tried you see and it's time to move along you can't poison me if i'm never here at all you don't know mary
Accidental Superhero - Minoleum
are you weary do you no longer lay down winter comes slowly to reach me through the down save me i cannot save myself vaguely i don't remember how drop down my deary to reach me where I fall
Accidental Superhero - Miss You Like Crazy
i heard you on the radio i don't know what to say to you so i thought i'd come up to the bedroom but i tripped on your straw broom failed to circumvent the event that made it so stayed up for the vid
Accidental Superhero - Seven
in a moment he steps away and the grin on her lips fades away and the silence to her is golden as the plan that she makes out of fear a sixpence of holdings leaves her wallowing and her thoughts p
Accidental Superhero - Stand Up
i need a sedative but i don't need what you give i don't see how you're so divine i don't see how you live reform you sanity before you come to me or i'll just say goodbye there is no guarantee of wh
Accidental Superhero - Touch me
No longer will I do all the things That I used to do, yeah-eh-eh-eh-eh Well, I'm a big girl now, hmmm With belief and desi-i-ire Come on and touch me, touch me, touch Come on and touch me, come on,
Accidental Superhero - Way Down
stop me on the way down stop me on the way down can't stand my ground with you reach up or drown for you would have liked to known what to do feel like i've blown it with you stop me on the way dow
Accidental Superhero - Widow
all my time i spent the widow said as she bent giving what meant everything and all my company are memories whispering down by the forest down by the forest all the time in the world is yours, she


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