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Acceptance - Black And White
Another day in my life, another day, I'm insecure, how I'm portrayed in this world. Maybe it's my skin, I know that it's not my mind, that's brought on this social attack. And now I know, what you see isn'
Acceptance - Bleeding Heart
Send it home In a paper bag Says things change Maybe its me You can't fix me up You can't fix me up This bleeding heart This bleeding heart Found broken My innocence My innocence This bleeding h
Acceptance - Compromise
Why dont you come to me? WHy dont you realize? My heart is breaking up, my heart is breaking up. Where are you comming from? Why dont you compramise? I dont believe in that, I dont believe i
Acceptance - Cry For Help
hard times the throw is offline pictures of black and grey. softlines back uped by hard drvies standing in single file. anything, to pass the test, you've passed the test. like screaming in the air,
Acceptance - December
December falls, I don't think I'm okay, not today. When dad came home, he told me go upstairs, I close my eyes. A tear falls down, as I drop onto my bed, not again. My anger hits, as I hear mom cry again.
Acceptance - Hold On
And now I know that its okay Different people, different days You know it won't change Do you find security? Knowing you were just with me Hold on and you'll find What you're eventually looking for
Acceptance - I Believe
I believe the time is now, hold on to what you've wanted. When you're faced with conflicting thoguhts, and you know there's one way out. I know that you'll believe, if you can see the things I'm showing yo
Acceptance - Permanent
sometime i go i keep losing track over again all these promises wont turn golden until you touch them its permanent nothing is permanent its permanent we'll be watching your back following indicision's las
Acceptance - Seeing Is Believing
time winds down as you stretch upward to heaven his blood resounds as it's not overprecotious the pains they read. those things you said the pains they read. what you said i miss you. i miss you a
Acceptance - Torn Inside
i cant speak, i'm lost for words, i can't hear, the silence burns, a hole in,inside of me, that i can't feel for the life of me. i can' see, i'm blinding by, those things you say to me are lies i can't f


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