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Accept - Ahead Of The Pack
You gotta take it easy You gotta live your life Yesterday's heroes They are born to die The people always blame you It don't matter what they say You've got your own freedom You've gotta go your way
Accept - Aiming High
Getting in the heat Coming with a beat And I love what I feel Hard and heavy And I'm moving on and on 'cause my life is on the run Now I feel the need to try Oh yeah, - I'm aiming high Longing all
Accept - All Or Nothing
Revolution in the streets Our vision turned into reality Too late to stop it now A spark that's lit a fire burning high It's time to take a stand Stand up for your rights and beliefs Together we'll b
Accept - Amamos La Vida
In times of peace Times of war The sky remains the same You reach for the stars too far away The one who's born in misery Is left without a chance But still holding on to naked life Amamos la vida
Accept - Another Second To Be
I hold a magazine in my hand Facing the cover - it's me They write about my coming end No more than twelve months - for me Tainted and fainted and lonely I picture my life Blameless and shameless I'm
Accept - Bad Habits Die Hard
One step forward - two steps back We're living on the edge - it's as simple as that I'm no Mr. Lucky - I've never been close I'm higher than some - but I'm lower than most Just when you thought that yo
Accept - Burning
I hear a rock'n'roll guitar, screamin' wild on the radio Well, I know what I like, know and it's right Gotta take me through the night The sound is comin' out, it's breakin' down the doors Like an e
Accept - Fight It Back
Always been the prophets Who make the world evolve Always been the average breaking it down Majority the unknown Giving us the rules It's more than luck to get the standard You'll never find me Like
Accept - Free Me Now
Glowing in disaster (_____) Man he thought the world and just the law was just a lie Chorus Free me now- free me now- free me now Can't you hear the laughter of the devil in the night Sure there must
Accept - Generation Clash
Generation clash Warnings around me Coming on strong Hear the desire That young dudes are fools But systems will berak down The way they all do A general burden When ever we're through Po
Accept - Generation Clash II
Warnings surround you That life ain't long Same old stories You've heard 'em before They tell you to listen To be like they've been You carry a burden Whatever you do They never approve of The thi
Accept - Guardian Of The Night
In the night of the day I was born Quite sure I wouldn't see no tomorrow All the days I was wasting alone Always waiting for the nights without sorrows Mister, mister, you don't know what I am Can't y
Accept - Hellhammer
Blame it n your passionplay But I know it's just a game Why don't we fight the fight Evil it's not here to stay Broken words are broken ways I can see it in your eyes You love the masquerade
Accept - Just Be My Own
/* Instrumental */
Accept - Lay It Down
I would have lied for you I would have died for you You cut the skin off my bones I thought you'd steal for me I thought you'd kill for me Ain't gonna throw the first stone I feel the growing anger
Accept - Making Me Scream
Full moon in the sky Is like an enemy I feel like everybody Is going to walk all over me A never-ending fall I can't believe it's real Rolling down a hill Tumbling like broken wheel I'm caught in a
Accept - Neon Nights
When the day is done The night rolls in Lonely lovers come alive Like a heartbeat In a world of sin Cruising around hungry eyes Like a midnight train Going nowhere Fading dreams of the city Pentho
Accept - Objection Overruled
Members of the jury Your conclusion has been drawn Defendants should be sentenced But you just let'em go The city is a timebomb The judge has lit the fuse Vigilante breakout Gotta tighten up the noo
Accept - Prisoner
She's a dancer And she's holdin' on To dreams of fame No loser But in her mind It's coming apart It's felony to me To give it up - she's gonna lose it Been holding back on love Pretendi
Accept - Shake Your Heads
See the world around you Deep, dark and grey Grieving heartbreaks all your life Seems to be the way Wars of aggression Mankind's favourite game A press on the button A world in flames Every night a
Accept - Too High To Get It Right
Getting everything is easy for you Fail for anything is something you can't do If it doesn't work in the way you want it for You start dreaming until it's right Lie is lie -- and truth is truth You'll
Accept - Wrong Is Right
Do you believe, wrong is right When you turn the world upside down Don't pretend if you love To be a mad-man on the run I'm gonna suck -- I'm gonna rock till I die Why don't you join me to cut all the


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