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Abyssos - As The Sky Turns Black Again (Love Eternal)
She came from the lake of eternal fire With tears of blue oil on her cheeks She sang ancient tunes in harmony And danced through the mist in the fullmoon light She whispered stories of her fantasies E
Abyssos - Banquet In The Dark (Black Friday)
Vortex of burning leaves dancing around the tables A faceless man behind a goat-shaped mask, Reading ancient fables Stories from millenniums past, stories from our youth Sombre poems written in blood,
Abyssos - Finally I Kissed The Pale Horse
At the top of the mountain I saw him cast a spell invoking the daimons with his ancient bell. He grabbes his rod and threw it into the sky, and denied the existence of the father of lies. The angels c
Abyssos - In Fear They Left The World Unseen
When the truth that lies beneath the surface is unveiled When the shapes that nobody's ever seen become real When it's possible to stand on the other side of a mirror Then you know that I've arrived, T
Abyssos - Lord Of The Sombre Reborn
Hail to thee, O Earth and Sea From the depths of the flames, I hear them calling thy names The names of the ancient daimons, the name of the one I'm the immortal, I'm thy seventh son! Nocturnal light -
Abyssos - Queen Covered In Black
Queen of seduction, ruler of another sphere. Drowned in my secret ocean, no-one knows where. A journey into depths of the long lost empire, the landscapes of Fhinstha, the world of the vampires. To a t
Abyssos - Through The Gloom Into The Fire
This is the eve of the new era A dark cold night of autumn breeze The last leaves fall to the frosty ground The pale moon gazes through the thick massing clouds The witches are gathered, a hideous cove
Abyssos - Together We Summon The Dark
[no lyrics available]
Abyssos - We Hail Thy Entrance
The witch is dead Burn black messiah, enlighten my path with thy flames Guide me through thy kingdom, in this godforsaken rain And reveal all my pain Again and again... Where the mountains shadow the


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