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Abyssaria - All The Dying On Earth
We who never feared the moonlight We who never fled from the rain All the dying on this earth All this pain since the birth I see - they are creeping They are dying I feel their fear, the deadlight i
Abyssaria - Beyond The Darklands
Pain - all I feel is burning pain I raise from the clear snowy ground Slowly the dense fog is dissolving Reeling I see a vast scenery of ice and snow All I see is dark Dead landscapes Befrosted path
Abyssaria - Elysian Fields Of Anathemised Entities
A smell of sepsis poisons my entity For all time we are damned at this place Distressed childrenfaces shimmer through the spinney They stare apathetic at centuries gone Black fog creeps over decaying g
Abyssaria - Forgotten Worlds
Coldness let me perceive my breath I look around but norhing is here Nothing but extensive blackfields A threatened atmosphere lies over the land where am I? I awake in forgotten worlds In which I wa
Abyssaria - Ghosts Of Silence
When days begin to breathe shorter and the unbending frost creeps through the woods When primitive strength seems to be perfect then you can hear the silence We are all surrounded by them They are day
Abyssaria - Her Painful Dreams Of Suicide
Every night she dreams the same Haunted by a shadow again and again Captured and lost in a giant mace There is no way to flee She begs not to fall asleep And she prays to god to set her free She is s
Abyssaria - Mountain Of Dead Souls
As I wander through the night In shelter of the nocturnal sphere Full moon shines on my pale skin Surrounded by the Immortal's screams Virgin of the night Under your spell I crawl Craving for liberat
Abyssaria - Symbols Of My Universe
The infinite ways of my universe It took me time to interpret the Signs, symbols and signs, the meaning of the Stars will guide me through the depth's of live Until the end I will follow the Signs, sy
Abyssaria - The Incessant Fall Of Mankind
The treasure of life is so hard to find Scores of decades filled with grief Hear the elegies of humankind Years of pain, an exhausting decease Crawling in filth and contamination Earth's entity a poet
Abyssaria - Unhallowed Reflections
The prophecy of their tongues The announcement of their words Break away from their embrace Follow you, follow not them Follow the way of your mind and soul Threatened by their believe Manipulated by
Abyssaria - Until Darkness Do Us Unite
Colors became so strange Our silhouettes painted in black Our minds so bright and clear We open our eyes when daylight fades away We are voyagers in the night On this trip we make no stay Avoid the l


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