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Abysmal - Hymn VIII (Four Ravens Flew)
In her eye... far away A tear broke free From the ice, from the frost of her long sleep Hear the thunder of the North Hear the ravens screaming her name Let the black ones fly to speak the messages
Abysmal - Hymn X (Velvet Pilloria)
Lost far so long, numbness gives in Incarnated in wood Young, cold, pure,, oh so perfect Still my own beloved Velvet
Abysmal - Hymn XIII (The Sleeping Antarct)
Sound asleep deep in the !maternal womb !Suconsciously dreaming aspects of his future reign The Antarct, Prince of the Pillorian Age He who will rule in the Gallow's Land Reigning in soil, water, fire
Abysmal - Hymn XIV (The Pillorian Age)
Embrace me, oh darkness With our !lithest veil Blind my eyes so that I see nothing yet all I see Fertilize my visions of the New Age Teach me the art of reaping the seeds of depression Born through t
Abysmal - Hymn XVI (Out Of My Flesh)
Oh Darkness, I will give the throne onto him Of Darkness, I am harvesting the growth of my first spring Of Darkness, Through me you gave him the life Of Darkness, One world shadowed in me Throught


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