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Absurdus - Ad Absurdum (One Hell Of An Introduction)
Absurdus - Blood Drive
Are you there behind the trees? Waiting there with your eyes glowing I know you wait for me Are you there with your desire? Come here I show you the Devil We'll make the sacrifice of life Children ra
Absurdus - Joyreaper
I've been blessed by the great pain of living My path is hard, my way is damn heavy Through the cold, ice cold snow In the cold I will walk alone To me the sun haven't shine To me that delight is
Absurdus - Life Is Agony
Snake-eyes burns the night while candlelight glows My arms are raised high towars the sky Into the river of oblivion's wine I shall drown The secrets of clandestine lie before my eyes Midnight - cracks
Absurdus - My Kingdom
If you could see through my dreams And if you would fear my fears Would you stand by me? Would you sweep my tears? Follow me into my darkest realms Hallucinational, lonely sanctuary A kingdom w
Absurdus - On The Way To Hell
Cursed I am to walk this soil No light of grace shines on me In my pain I stare with empty eyes Cold walls surrounding me Alone I crawl my darkest edges No warmth of life embracing me Through th
Absurdus - Pure Pleasure
Now beware 'cos we're all going to die Explosion and flames thousand miles high Don't you know there's no mercy for you Our fate lies in the Big Bang Doom It will rip your heart out of your chest


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