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Absu - A Part Of Me
I’m the same person as before and I lead my life without change. If someone were to ask I would still say the same. {Chorus} It’s not a task it’s just a dream A dream that’s so apart of me Wh
Absu - A Season In Hell
This, this a dark this is a place I can't escape would you leave me here Lying in wait hanging like baits strangled by fate would you even care This is my cure this is my life this is my Christ my crow o
Absu - And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh
[Lyrical Magick: Proscriptor, Voice: Proscriptor, Bass: Equitant] [1st Verse] Laughter from Esharra is convincing, but unclaimed. The last of Ka drifts across the river - Our sky outside has not been n
Absu - Better Life
Take that weight off your shoulders It's kinda hard when it keeps getting colder inside There's no heart just a place where the souls been all torn apart No chance for repentence the world is a prison a
Absu - Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181)
[Chorus I:] I'm the Knight of Wands- Yodh is in the name I'm swift and violent: TRANSIENT! The fiery part of Fire- I'm a lightning flash Between the symbol, And the natal force. [Chorus II:] She'
Absu - Monday Song
Life is lost for me, and everything I dream Picture me above the sky on this half day closing Ride the wave say goodnight drifting slowly I see the world in your eyes it's relentless When I feel the bu
Absu - Of Celtic Fire, We Are Born
[Lyrical Obscurity: Equitant & Proscriptor, Voices: Proscriptor & Shaftiel] [Bass: Shaftiel] Outside the winter zephyr, When fables of sabers were strong. ...For thou hast said in our hearts... ...Fro
Absu - Stone Of Destiny ( For Magh Slecht And Ard Righ)
We are three high kings in honor. We are the midst of Dagda's spell - We are three armored forces, and We are the gold-torqued leaders. Three wild horsemen: Three fearless in combat - Three gold-crow
Absu - Swords And Leather
[Lyrical Obscurity: Equitant, Voices: Proscriptor, Bass: Equitant] ...With sword at my side, The horns sound the call of assembly. Black fuckin' leather is my way of life, as flames and burning winds co
Absu - Taken Aside
Let me know when this boiling point has arrived I don’t want to break it down I’m inclined to let it end Call me out, Ill meet you there Right here, right now Hit you up beside your head
Absu - Taxi Cab Confession
Close your eyes and come with me to a new place where we are unstoppable Inhale and let the smoke fill your lungs and breath the impossible And as we follow these foot prints a new world will begin Can
Absu - The Sun Of Tiphareth
Join us into hresholds of moonless light Xekonaphim paints your worshipped wheel of flames Incendere Magi Hortus Rosarum Black roses, laced with silver, are now the ashes of Heximeth The sten stars of


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