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Abramelin - A WildEyed Christmas Night
Now all year long we've been waiting for the season to come Working and savin', dreamin' 'bout the Christmastime fun Now the presents are under the tree I've been as good as I can be Let's call the
Abramelin - After The Fire Is Gone
You never know what the moment means till it's finally gone You burned so fast, you put out the flame, tell me, what went wrong? How do you get back to the heat of yesterday? How do you live feelin' lik
Abramelin - Against The Night
A light on your shoulder, Cool as ice and bright as lightnin' Thunder in your eyes, Talk to me and tell me I'm in deeper every move. 'Till I'm almost lost in you. Can you feel the way That I can'
Abramelin - Around And Around
They say the joint was rockin' a goin' 'round and round Yeah reelin' and a rockin' What a crazy sound But you never stopped rockin' Till the moon went down Though it sounds so sweet I hadda take m
Abramelin - Back Alley Sally
Back Alley Sally, When you gonna come my way? It's over here, bouncin' baby, I been waitin' for you night and day You got a crew all shook up, How long's it gonna take for you to give it up? Back All
Abramelin - Back Door Stranger
Take my chances, rather go to jail Than see the eyes of a coward runnin' loose and well He don't care, he couldn't give a damn Deprived of his victim, he's a ruthless man He waits in the shadows 'til t
Abramelin - Back Where You Belong
I heard you're askin' how I'm feeling I guess I'll play it day by day I'm still around now, my heart is healing But some things never gonna change 'Cause now I know love ain't easy to find I let yo
Abramelin - Burning Bridges
You haven't changed much From the last time I saw you You look so new to these old eyes So much water's gone over the bridge That burned between you and I I've avoided nostalgia ignored the sentim
Abramelin - Caught Up In You
I never knew there'd come a day When I'd be sayin to you Don't let this good love slip away Now that we know that its true Don't, Don't you know the kind of man I am No, said I'd never fall in love a
Abramelin - Grave Ideals (Nekromaniak)
[Music: Aldridge, Lyrics: Aldridge] I'm in love with death- I Live for it. I die for it Your life! Is mine to take away. I'm here for the kill- I smell it. I taste it I'll masturbate! All over your sha
Abramelin - Last Time
I've been waitin' for you all night. I got somethin' to say so listen good. Even fools can see the light. You should have known I would. 'Cause I, I've been a desperate man. Wonder why, I just don't
Abramelin - Midnight Magic
Out of the setting sun You can see the red sky rising Could she be the one Cutting through the blue still water I hear our voices dancing on the wind All the words that we said would never end As
Abramelin - Never Be Lonely
Says she wants to dance real slow Real slow It抯 gettin?late and it抯 time to go But I don抰 wanna know Feels strange to be holding on to someone new After so long Don抰 tell me what I need t
Abramelin - Never Give An Inch
In extreme town, it can break down Anyone who gives it half a chance. It's a no man's land. Where the heart beats, Cold as concrete. Come to sell their souls Anyway they can. Try to understand.
Abramelin - Plague
Driven by an unknown force, awakened from eternal sleep Dried up eyes snap open wide as hunger starts to creep Deflated hearts begin to pump, sunken chests begin to rise Crypts and tombs around the glob
Abramelin - Rock And Roll Strategy
Men like me 慶ause I speak my mind And women like me 慶ause I take my time Try not to take life too serious I might get burned If you抳e got somethin?to show me I抦 willing to lear
Abramelin - Throw Out The Line
Whoa, I'm runnin' around in a circle, Never know where to stop. 'Cause I'm lookin' for A special kind of lady, Hopin' that she'll change my luck. I took a chance, asked you to dance, Wanted just to
Abramelin - Your Casualty
Let me be your casualty I loathe this world so set me free This is not the place I want to be Let me be your casualty Your unbalanced brain can have it's way To do all the horrid things I say I need


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