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Abra Moore - All I Want
All I want is you All I need is you Liar liar in my bed Your filling up my pretty, pretty head You're telling me things that I want to hear I'm enraptured Fire in my heart You're tearing me,
Abra Moore - Big Sky
You say you’re tired of this circus life. Tired of the freaks and the colored lights. Come on Come on the night is young. It’s too late to change your mind, you can’t turn back now. So high, so h
Abra Moore - Family Affair
I sleep all day, what makes me feel this way. When everything’s a bust, when everything keeps loosing my trust. Where do we begin with this unhappy ending. Where do we begin after all that we’ve don
Abra Moore - First Date
It’s late at night about 12 and everyone is fast asleep Just you and I are left now, and we both take a seat. The mood around us changes, although we act as if it’s not. And we stare at the televisi
Abra Moore - Four Leaf Clover
See, I've been thinking it over It's all just a little too much You see I've got this four leaf clover It's gotta bring a little luck Yeah, uh huh Yeah, uh huh So I let go of all of the big dea
Abra Moore - Guitar Song
Hey, I hear you're back Well here don't you want your guitar back Why, I really don't know for sure And what it is I'm asking for See the wood it's slowly fading But the bridge I fixed it new I
Abra Moore - In Light Of It All
The road full of light I have mine Full of desire In all of the world There is a big mountain Full of green daffodils Swimming in the coldest part of spring In light of it all It comes pour
Abra Moore - Never Believe You Now
You're telling me the future plans Where candy-colored pictures fill your hands And for a minute I am with you there And I'm picking out some pretty dress to wear But I'll never believe you now I
Abra Moore - Say It Like That
Say that you like that Say that you would, say you will Say all the things that you never could Say what you want, say what you feel Tell it to me like that, tell it to me light, tell it to me righ
Abra Moore - Some Kind Of Change
I needed to blame somebody I wanted you to be the one that I needed to blame Somebody I wanted you to be the one Sometimes the wind brushes me back Sometimes I feel faint And sometimes I just don't k
Abra Moore - Somebody That Cares
When the past won't let you, leave behind all your yesterday Remember times when you never could find that perfect word to say Now your mind won't forget him,and the latest song just brings you down, dow
Abra Moore - Strangest Places
One thing I never can get Can't put my fingers on it Always forgetting my lines One thing I never can get Displacing logic in the memory banks of my mind I find myself in the strangest places M
Abra Moore - Sweet Chariot
The rider rides with a clickety-click And the timer stops for a second or two You got your hands in your pockets, and you're lookin' ahead You got no time, you draw the fine line But look, see the
Abra Moore - Taking Chances
I’m taking chances, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I wonder slide, slide under the big sky, who’s gonna take care of me. I’m not sure if I really want to I’m not sure what it
Abra Moore - Your Faithful Friend
Trust if you can and if you can't Sing if you want and if you can't make a sound Go on and on and on 'til you can't go on and on any longer Cry if you can and if you can't Fall to the ground withou


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