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Aborym - All I Am
Just when you need it Never see it in your torn world And seems like a plastic world One just like you, one just like... All I am is all I'll be Can't be much more than me A deep-end failing tragedy
Aborym - An Agreement Called Forever
Cave in and try to take away All that I have, all I betray... So much damage I've done Well this I know, that I just fail Turn me on me Turn me on me 'Cause this is everything I've stripped away I'
Aborym - Black Hole Spell
Since the beginning of all It exists like a transparent fire Abiding by the doom An embracer pleasure is Incarnating now As a black spell from the hole of space Has been received by a black hea
Aborym - Bury Me Where I Fall
Come brush away these fists and I will tell you everything I hope you know how long I'm lacking So carve my name and take me to the strength under it all Then bury me where I fall Push and pull like
Aborym - Ceramic
Soon I will be falling down The way I always And I remember falling And I remember crawling... Still I'm falling... Have you come down From all the peeling? 'Cause I remember holy And only God
Aborym - Chalk White
Pieces of you, spread all over, torn in two Forward/backward Save yourself, from nothing, from no one Forward/backward You better get yourself out of it You better get yourself out of it You think
Aborym - Chernobyl Generation
Cernobyl Generation Murderer alienation Cernobyl Generation Ecstasy hallucination Cernobyl Generation Radioactive mutation Your condemnation Represents our domination Genocide scary faces
Aborym - Circle The Drain
I've got myself deep this time Tons of frustration builds in mine And it shows me nothing It shows me nothing at all Circle the drain Backward solace right from your side And you sit and criticize
Aborym - Dislocate
I taste words you divide, want to cover up Temporary lies And I see how you pressed your skin on limb How much thicker it is, how much thicker Mark my words Voice comes through the mesh, a sign of s
Aborym - Left Hand Charity
A classroom circle slowly drifts on... I knew right then I'd carve your name, so I... Save your charity it's gone too far now as it seems I drive by your scenery... All the while I died that night...
Aborym - Me(N)Tal Striken Terror Action
The program is always on the fucking screen Robot pilots destroy the buildings Burning bodies jump out the windows The suicidal terrorist is the new idol Mental Terror Action Is the new infection
Aborym - Slit Wrist Theory
With the absence of eye, I can start to bleed again... With the color of hearts it seems like you wear right thin And as it falls from your mouth, it seems like you needed it more Well I can still ask
Aborym - The Alienation Of A Blackened Heart
A rollercoaster ride to a (cold) place of death The utmost self-searching journey And I can feel it in the air Everything is turned upside down and inside out The chaotic, strangled inner glow Fr
Aborym - The Triumph
As the flies and the wilds gathered around Tens Horns The beasts from all directions Fell the call of their master The winds are changing The sun is staying upon The stars are ever glowing Th
Aborym - Turns To Ashes
I'm not sick, I'm just a boy Sifting through the newfound lie And I'll be crawling through these ashes and dissecting all these flies Since the sun has died and it is still somewhat July Is this all t


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