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Aborted - Carnal Forge
[(CARCASS) on LIMITED EDITION slipcase only]
Aborted - Charted Carnal Effigy
[Music: Thijs, Lyrics: Sven] Gouging into flesh, and act of forensic grandeur Abusing my identity to ravish insides, a concoction of a mind deprived Scandal on the operating table, my fetid fetish to ca
Aborted - Clinical Colostomy
[Music: Bart, Lyrics: Sven/Leon Del Muerte] Stain-less steel doors burst open A gurney wheeling a flatulent cadaver Abbreviated salutations muted by the stench ...By the stench... Horrified nurses sca
Aborted - Medical Deviance
[Music: Bart, Lyrics: Sven] Reflected on the iris, A tale each stiff reveals Numbing - depresonalisation Surgical doctrines transmute to malevolance A morbid fascination, medical expertise befouled To
Aborted - Meticulous Invagination
[Music: Bart, Lyrics: Sven] My name is Ted, indifferent to laws I strangle and maim women January 4, ramming the betrod into her her cattered vagina Incapable, defined is the hatred that lead to this ca
Aborted - Nemesis
[Music: Bart, Lyrics: Sven] Apathy raised upon childhood, Social skills erased Automaticly blocking of any contact, Eomtions numbed The anger grows within me... I'm a walking human time bomb Adrenalin
Aborted - Ornaments Of Derision
[Music: Bart, Lyrics: Sven/Joel] Taking advantage of the mentally instable, I shall deprive of life and vision All goals are clear to me, building an empire based on lies I unleash upon others. Indoct
Aborted - Parasitic Flesh Resection
[Music: Thijs, Lyrics: Sven] A quick grasp of insanity, cranial tissue in decay A force fed tool of apathy i am Parasitic life form, infesting my whole being Necrotic fungus resecting organs to create.
Aborted - Sanguine Verses ( Of Extirpation)
[Music: bart/Thjis, Lyrics: Sven] A darkened room re-opening at the stroke of twelve Grim cascades of light construct a blurry image The fridge-cage opens serving a putrid stiff Rusted will serve up th
Aborted - Sea Of Cartilage
[Music: Christophe, Lyrics: Sven] Murder I have been embraced by suffering, No longer human, I stalk my prey To kill and gut all surrounding me Humanity in me slips away Into the basement, My own pr


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