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Abomination - Blood For Oil
Lessons in might, lessons in stress Teachings of right, reasons of less Seekers of strenght, only they guess Will they proceed, or will they suppress Frequent, illusive, you have the power to follow th
Abomination - Follower
He's the leader of the land He just fronts the Manson clan Power over all death and sin Storm the ill He just does this Can't you see Leads the weak in my affairs Twist the army Spread the fear Ra
Abomination - Impending Doom
Antagonistic pressure It lives in all of those Who set the standard for their lives Who preach upon their goals They send the squads of police Enforced authority But soon they'll break away Then the
Abomination - Industrial Sickness
Dumped in rivers, poured in sewers Industrial sickness, industrial sickness Crude misgivings, ruthless burnings Industrial sickness, industrial sickness Demented prophets polluting nonstop Industrial
Abomination - Life And Death
Will has broken Four walls close in Thoughts of tomorrow When will they win Thoughts of suicide It's just time to do Will they repeat The final sigh The final ways of this one Of sorrow and disgus
Abomination - Murder, Rape, Pillage And Burn
Put to the battlefield With gun in hand Following orders Every demand [Chorus:] Murder, rape, pilage and burn And kill, destroy we learn We fight for your country The land of the brave We'll kill
Abomination - Oppression
In the turbulent Sixties One was free to make a choice If he chose to use dope He could shout and raise his voice As the eighties took its toll Everyone was soon to know Frozen lost society Bent on
Abomination - Possession
Evil congregation born within my death Devil seeks my soul tries to steal my breath Fits of anger cry out as I spill my guts Vomit fills the air as the coffin shuts [Chorus:] Possession Possession [
Abomination - Redeem Deny
Money from the genius mind Who help create the master plan Rulers underground beneath the surface Slowly wakening Futuristic weapons just created For your suffering Made in his own image Just to see
Abomination - Soldier
We think we're men of steel We're angry and we're fueled Commanding, they retreat Prisoners of the war Captured fallen peace Will they find the door On your knees soldier Die for peace soldier Aggr
Abomination - Suicidal Dreams
Kill your father Kill your friend Kill your neighbor When will it end Join the army, navy Airforce, marines Follow the battalion Suicidal dreams A vicious circle Of death, sin and pain History re
Abomination - Tunnel Of Damnation
In the tunnel of damnation I wait for the subway to hell Total relentless aggravation No one will tell [Chorus:] Visions of death Pass through your eye The final journey Of your life No one knows
Abomination - Will They Bleed
Aggrandize their strenght Focalize on their might Mobilize troops of race A war in the street formalized Weapons support wasteful efforts Deceptions appear in their eyes The battles of youthful expre


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