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Abigor - A Breath From Worlds Beyond
We are the ones in the mist Are the darkness breed We pity the one with the horns And gaze at the hypnotizing starfire Without words we communicate Without battles we dominate Wings for the wind, bon
Abigor - A Frozen Soul In A Wintershadow
Wolves are howling to honour the moon My heart belongs to the past I feel attraction for the night My mind to the ancient times I wander through the fields where blood was split Awaiting the reign of
Abigor - As Astral Images Darken Reality
Kometen sind brennende Seelen, Die zur Strafe durch den Kosmos ziehen müßen. Comets are burning souls, That have to travel through the cosmos for punishment. Nothing disturbs this transcendental harm
Abigor - Battlefield Orphans
We loaf around the fireplace War-weary and calm We watch the sunrise motionless The war has been won (repeat) We hear melodies unsung Mesmerized... We survived - but why? A new beginning - for what
Abigor - Battlestar Abigor
A fallout force – a fatal vision Battlestar Abigor Decolour the universe in its purest shape Give birth to the constant of death Immortality and departure of the eternal stardust Reveal the eye of t
Abigor - Blood And Soil
This soil is dripping With the blood of angels I can almost touch Their hands through the ground My eyes are filled with pride For this land of the dead Is the precious gift of my father No mortal v
Abigor - Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part II)
Soon I'll reach towards your soul from the grave And not to hand my heart on you Because I am not the shade you're waiting for My wings stir the moonlit dust of the place in which the past is buried In
Abigor - Dornen
Wartend auf einen schmerzlosen Tod - Die Flammen der Hölle sind nichts Verglichen mit diesem Leben, Voll von wundenleckendem Licht, Umgeben von Grausamkeiten names Menschen - Keinen Tropfen Blut wert
Abigor - Exhausted Remnants
Silent screams - Beaten and torn Sanctify - This life of scorn Innocence withdrawn in fear Night grows cold and twilight's near But the light I see is none Just a spectrum of unreal colours Which app
Abigor - Eye To Eye At Armageddon
Unable to save the world But able to suffer in this so-called heaven Your grotesque vision of pure holyness Will be suffocated like you - bearer of light Cry bearer of light To weak to fight Your fea
Abigor - In Sin
Marching through the woods Our weapons held high Here is our meeting tonight Our fire burns higher then ever before Out master's awaited with pride We get immortality We are eternal We drink the blo
Abigor - Magic Glass Monument
Awakening Although I thought I would never again In a room with no begining or end But for sure there is a center Nothing but vastness And an object of supreme magic A mirror shaped as a pyramid Bla
Abigor - Menschenfeind
Haß - absolut und rein Existenz in dieser Masse ist unmöglich In ihren Reihen zu stehen Heißt unter Feinden zu kämpfen Ich bin kein Mensch Denn Menschen werden sie genannt Sie bluten - ic
Abigor - Spektrale Schattenlichter
Schmerz ist das Wissen... Der am meisten weih, Der fiihlt am tiefsten die schreckliche Wahrheit, Dah der Baum der Erkenntnis nicht ist - Der Baum des Lebens... Mein Schmerz des Seins... Der die Unste
Abigor - Towards Beyond
Through imperial halls of ice Where I left bloodstained pillars Resplendent seem these silver walls Silent phantoms I burn Towards the emptiness Towards the gorge Onwards, onwards... to hell, to hell
Abigor - Tu Es Diaboli Juna
My thoughts have never been this cold in life But never again I'll live and breathe amongst mortals You've summoned me once And my rise is your torment... Your immortality was that close to you As clo
Abigor - Utopia Consumed
Forgive me father for I've sinned I am a child of fire and the master of winds But I'm still wide awake... Fingers grip out of my brain No control - my mind is lame From the earth up to the trees I he
Abigor - VerwA Stung
A wasteland grows inside my mind As the moons sets before my eyes My dreams are old and milleniums passed by Torn - in a strong reality Born - into the wrong century I am soldier of dark existence I'


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