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Abdullah - 93 Million Miles
Where does your garden grow? Tell me the secrets that you know Another time, another place Where are the holy ones? Selling the secret to the sun Welcome to the Universe Cross the line Redefine L
Abdullah - Attack Of The Flaming Egos
Get out of my way I'm coming your way And I'm more important Don't let your mouth write a check you can't cash 'Cause your body can't afford it Don't you know who I am? You'd better give a damn
Abdullah - Awakening The Colossus
All of the longing Condensed in this place and time I invoke you, O spirits, crawl inside Then awaken my conscience Lain dormant for all this time And feed the despair that pervades my life, yeah In
Abdullah - Bad Hair Day Punx
I'm dealing with it everyday it just keeps getting in my way I've seen it from every angle and it's always in a tangle At first I tried to dippity doo Now I'm using Elmers Glue But I just canno
Abdullah - Better Off Dead
I woke up surprised and disappointed to find out I was still me, Last night should've killed me. Took a shower couldn't scrub it off Tried to scream, I could only cough I can't trust myself to be my
Abdullah - Boogers For Brains
You push the boys to prove you're rough You push the girls to prove you're tough Scars on your fists scars on your brain You're a real man, you feel no pain All liquored up, no place to go Bringi
Abdullah - Capricorn (A Brand New Name)
So I run, hide and tear myself up I'll start again with a brand new name And eyes that see into infinity I will disappear I told you once and I'll say it again I want my message read clear I'll show
Abdullah - Constipation
Constipation - No defecation I ate too many jalepanos I've got burning asshole syndrome I am sitting on the pot A thousand farts that will not stop I ate a little too much cheese My pants are d
Abdullah - Echelon
Look at the red red changes in the sky Look at the separation in the border line But don't look at everything here inside And be afraid, afraid to speak your mind It took a moment before I lost myself
Abdullah - End Of The Beginning
Here we are searching for a sign Here we are searching for a sign It's the end here today But I will build a new beginning Take some time, find a place And I will start my own religion As the day di
Abdullah - Fallen
Yeah, I've been to Jupiter And I've fallen through the air I used to live out on the moon But now I'm back here down on earth Why are you here? Are you listening? Can you hear what I am saying? I a
Abdullah - I Hate Punk Rock
Here's a little story about a punk named Jed Greasy stinky hair stuck out his fuckin' head Arrogant and macho and stupid as can be Always quick to tell me he's more punk than me This is an example
Abdullah - Just Like Heaven
Show me how you do that trick The one that makes me scream she said The one that makes me laugh she said And threw her arms around my neck Show me how you do it and I promise you I promise that I
Abdullah - People Are Stupid
I'm surrounded by Idiots everyday Frustrated by the games that people play Confused by what the t.v says I need Lost in space and ugly too people act like they've been sniffing glue Never questio
Abdullah - Plastic
When I look into the eyes of the tough punk guys With their stupid bondage belts And the girls accessorize With lots of little spikes and neat hair dyes It's a whole subculture easy to commercializ
Abdullah - The Mission
I open up my head Inside I find another person's mind I'm gonna take this chance I've got I run denying as we speak Hiding my face among the weak Some say their day is all away Into the wild I'm wi
Abdullah - Visions Of The Daughters Of Time
All life moves closer to death Hold on to just one last breath We don't know what time holds Do you fear what's out there We cling to the things of this earth Trace your steps back to your birth We d


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