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Abaddon Incarnate - I Hate
The blackness tearing at my guts I've tried so hard to master - to tame myself Untamed being no control or purpose yet I need a Djinn to guide my rage... He comes!!! In my dreams I hear him, a dweller
Abaddon Incarnate - Nihilist
Shadow culture arise a call to arms The time of burning has come Armed with bombs and hatred A new holocaust of Christians has come Balors one eye is watching us Our hearts grow cold to all life The
Abaddon Incarnate - Raping Ground
Drag the angels dowm from heaven Infinite Sodom and firefuck awaits Tear their wings from angelic flesh Bitch angels scream for mercy Tremendous agony in the raping ground My hommunculus in gnashing c
Abaddon Incarnate - Temple Of Rancid Filth
My heart is a black temple Cold and empty as Satan's abyss All I am is poisoned flower Spiteful and hateful My heart is rotten and sour Touch it, it beats malignantly It hates you, I hate you I spit
Abaddon Incarnate - The Sharing Of Thoughts With The Dead
Starlight filters through the trees I am rapt in twisted taught I wander to the ancient tomb amidst the stinking fog Beneath the moon upon a tomb entranced in a black daze I seek forbidden truths that
Abaddon Incarnate - Vermithrax
I will make you pay the fucking price For your filthy way of life There is only one solution That is MASS EXECUTION It makes me sick it makes me hate To watch you prance like sodomitic apes The earth
Abaddon Incarnate - Vile Pleasures Of Transfiguration
Mortals die for search of knowledge Ancient wisdom spell's of changing Call on astaroth send to us messengers Minions of unholyness join us with the nothingness Behold Orgy Of Bestial frenzy Destroy m


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