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Aaron Tippin - A Real Nice Problem To Have
you say you wish you could stay for another round help me close this tavern down but your better half said you better not be late or there's gonna be some hell to pay well I'm thinkin as you're moanin
Aaron Tippin - Absence Of Sincerity
Absence of sincerity. Perpetrator. So quick to use the name. Never gave back to the fuckin scene. Made your speeches. But no actions to back'em. Built up those walls. Now were here to smash 'em down
Aaron Tippin - Always Was
I look at you and I remember The way I felt on the day we met That same feeling washes over me, its hard to forget Nothin has ever changed to maybe Nothin changes for you I still want you just as much
Aaron Tippin - And I Love You
That alarm sounds without warning I wake up and say good morning And I love you I know sometimes you're still sleeping I still whisper, Babe I'm leavin' And I love you You need to know this ain't som
Aaron Tippin - Back When I Knew Everything
Oh, if I had a big ol' eraser I'd start from today And go back through life's pages And correct a lot of things Yeah, steppin' on toes with my foot in my mouth Yeah, thought I was the king But that w
Aaron Tippin - Backfire
You played yourself talkin shit on everyone. Played yourself steal your not a friend snap out of it. Claim you're down people change you sold om everything you said. Played yourself out right your wrong
Aaron Tippin - Big Boy Toys
I'd hook my wagon to my trike and I'd head across the yard To my big sandbox where I worked real hard Playing all day with my little toy trucks Backhoes, bulldozers, earth-moving stuff That was my
Aaron Tippin - Bullet For Every Enemy
People ask me. Why do I put myself through this pain. Cause through this pain I gained the strength to carry on. Cause all my life I've dealt with conformed minds. That think small. Who'll never under
Aaron Tippin - Everything I Own
I can't shower you with pearls and diamond rings All I can give are dances in the rain I can't cover you in satin sheets But you'll be just as warm Wrapped up each night inside my loving arms I can n
Aaron Tippin - For You I Will
It's not my style to dance away the night Or go for a walk beneath the full moonlight And I don't wish on falling stars Or easily give away my heart But girl, for you I will Can't hide this love
Aaron Tippin - HonkyTonk Superman
(Aaron Tippin/Buddy Brock) Well, down at the factory, I'm never late I'm a mild mannered man who pulls his weight I give a hundred percent, I don't ever stop 'Til Friday evening when I punch that cl
Aaron Tippin - Loose Wit Da Truth
Loose wit da truth. Nothing but lies. Loose wit da truth. Told nothing but lies. Heard it all before. Truth comes wit time. Take a look around. Where they are now. Something real in my heart. A wa
Aaron Tippin - My Kind Of Town
(Aaron Tippin/Sanger D. Shafer) This is my kind of town I ain't never seen nothin' like it In all my traveling 'round If this old highway ever gives me up And I think about settling down Well, this i
Aaron Tippin - Pain Is Temporary
Memories there wonderful. For the pain. You'll Pay. Love is gone. The pain took over. Oh it was wonderful. Nothing is everlasting what can I do. The pain comes and goes what can I do. Nothing is ev
Aaron Tippin - The Best Love We Ever Made
(Aaron Tippin/Thea Tippin) The first time we went all the way I can truly say it was way beyond my wildest dreams And I never can forget that day We spent tangled up in satin sheets And I never though
Aaron Tippin - This Heart
(Aaron Tippin/Donny Kees) God gave me the will to survive, a good strong back and a mind And all the tough stuff it takes to fill a man's shoes Then God put this heart in me for you It pushes the bl


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