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Aaron Neville - A Hard Nut To Crack
( G. Davis, Jr , L. Diamond ) I play the game of the modern romeo but never in my life did I see A woman as square as a pool table and twice as green I gave you all of my money and all of my loving t
Aaron Neville - Angola Bound
(Aaron Neville, Charles Neville) Too many mornin' gotta wake up soon Oh Lord, and eat my breakfast by the light of 'de moon Oh Lord, by the light of 'de moon If you see my Momma, tell her this for
Aaron Neville - Ave Maria
Ave Maria, Gratia plena Maria, Gratia plena Maria, Gratia plena Ave, Ave Dominus Dominus tecum Benedicta tu in mulieribus Et benedictu Et benedictus frutcus ventris, ventris tu Jesus Ave Ma
Aaron Neville - Close Your Eyes
(Chuck Willis) Close your eyes (close your eyes) Take a deep breath (aaahhh) Open your heart (open your heart), and whisper (I love you, I love you) Tell me you love me (you love me), tell me you l
Aaron Neville - Crying In The Chapel
(Artie Glen) You saw me crying in the chapel, tears I shed were tears of joy, I know the meaning of contentment, I am happy with the Lord Just a plain and simple chapel, where all good people g
Aaron Neville - Earth Angel
(Hodge/Williams/Belvin) Earth angel, earth angel Will you be mine ? My darling dear, love you all the time I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you Earth angel, earth angel The one I adore Lo
Aaron Neville - Every Day Of My Life
(Sharon Robinson) One lonely night I stumbled upon a dream in my ordinary world, with eyes like an angel, a voice like a song from the heart, you came into my world You crossed a river of time,
Aaron Neville - Everybody Plays The Fool
(R. Clark, J.R. Bailey, K. Williams) Ok, so your heart is broken You're sitting around mopin', mopin', mopin', cryin', cryin' You say you're even thinking about dying Well, before you do anything r
Aaron Neville - God Made You For Me
(Aaron Neville, Bradley Spalter, Emanuel Officer) It must have taken a long long time to make a woman like you Ooh baby, cause you're so, so fine He took the stars from the sky, put the sparkle in yo
Aaron Neville - Humdinger
(Humdinger) You take a bumble bee and match him with a doorbell, and whatcha got (humdinger) hear what I say (humdinger) Whoever threw the whiskey in the bottom of the well, he was a (humdinger) sa
Aaron Neville - It Feels Like Rain
(John Hiatt) Down here the river meets the sea In the sticky heat I feel you open up to me Love comes out of no where, baby, oh, just like a hurricane And it feels like rain And it feels like rai
Aaron Neville - Louisiana 1927
(Randy Newman) What has happened down here, is the winds have changed Clouds roll in from the north and it started to rain It rained real hard, and it rained for a real long time Six feet of water
Aaron Neville - Please Remember Me
(Rodney Crowell, Will Jennings) When all our tears have reached the sea, a part of you will live in me, way down inside my heart. The days keep coming without fail, a new winds gonna find your sa
Aaron Neville - Show Me The Way
I can hear the bells are ringing I can hear the angels singing My darling has left me Whoa, somebody please help me Cause I need someone to show me the way Whoa, I can hear the people say As I
Aaron Neville - Warm Your Heart
(Tom Dowd, Jerry Wexler, Ahmet Ertegun) Well, we're all searching for peace of mind Love in this world is hard to find Come close to me, hold my hand And warm your heart Only a true love can sati


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