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Aaron Carter - (have some) fun with the funk
One, two three Yeah, yeah, yeah Oooo ohhh Yeah, yeah, yeah If I threw a party would you be there Would you bring your friends too Cuz why should we stay at home With something better to do Let'
Aaron Carter - 2 Good 2 B True
Nananana nanananana Nananana na nanananana Gonna make a connection Cuz I know I got take 'em high And I'll show how to rip up a kicker If that's alright Check out the way you're Ridin the half pipe
Aaron Carter - America A O
U... S... A. Bang your heads to this, come on U... S... A... Bang your heads to this I was born, I was raised In the US of A I'm livin' in America A O, A O, A O, A O And no matter what they say I
Aaron Carter - Another Earthquake!
Just when you thought it was safe Shake, Shake, Shake When i hit town yo the party can't fail i'm hittin 20 on the richtor scale Gotta hundred million people spillin coffee and stains On your brand n
Aaron Carter - Children of the world
*featuring BSB, 'N Sync, Mr. President, 4 The Cause This goes out to all the children All over the world This is for the children Children of the world Come a little closer now So you can se
Aaron Carter - Crazy Little Party Girl
Chorus: Crazy little party girl How I love her Partying around the world - she wants to dance Crazy little party girl There's no other Party party - always ready to dance Time for a party - time to
Aaron Carter - Girl you shine
I see you every day and I can't seem to think of anything to say Do you baby How can that be that it breaks my heart when you're smilin at me The moment that I laid my eyes on you I knew you'd be
Aaron Carter - Iko iko
My grandma and your grandma Were sittin' by the fire. My grandma told your grandma "I'm gonna set your flag on fire"
Aaron Carter - Life is a party
hey hey hey hey hey [X2] party time, gimme the beat, wave your hands from side to side, here we go Some people live for the weekends seems like such a waste Counting down 'till the fun begins
Aaron Carter - My First Ride
(Lucas Secon, Mickey Power) My first ride Wait outside I'm steppin' inside I don't really care What everybody says Guys ride with the girls away, anyway All I wanna do is drive away, Can't stay, c
Aaron Carter - Not Too Young, Not Too Old
I'm not too young and I'm not too old listen up everybody, this ain't Aaron's party part two I'm older now come and show me body girl, whatcha gonna do come and talk to me in the back seat baby Backs
Aaron Carter - Real good time
[Talking:] Sometime, someplace Everybody has words Fallin' out, and making up Uh-huh
Aaron Carter - She Wants Me
N: Attention Ladies and Gentlemen... School's in! A: Eh...Shut up N: Time to teach you a little somethin' bro A: heh heh ya right N: What? Whats this you say? A: Just back off dawg,
Aaron Carter - Summertime
so grab your stuff and lets all go outside bang your head to this tune in your ride leavin' all you cares right behind for the summertime everybody starts to feel the vibe Drinks are in cooler chilled
Aaron Carter - Tell me what you want
Are you tired, of me Do you want to, be free I just got to know Should I hang on, or let go Don't keep me guessing It just ain't fair You got me drowning in a sea of despair I've held up for as lo
Aaron Carter - The Kid In You
Turn it up Pump it up Turn it up just a little bit Turn it up Pump it up Turn it up Just a little bit All the kids gonna bounce to this(come on, what?) All the kids gonna jump to this(uh, tha


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