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Aardvarks - 21st century girls
Well I'm gonna tell ya something and I'm gonna tell ya right We gotta stay young 'cause the future is bright Don't give me your talk or your messin' around 'Cause the century girls are rockin' your tow
Aardvarks - Conglomerate
Staring into my eyes finding the difference deep in me try to erect my spine by selling my personality Harming the ones I love sharing the hate that s shaking me trying to stop my fall Fragments of
Aardvarks - Grey
Everything I see is coloured grey that's no recognition in dismay every system has its second sight indefinable the ruling might Talking black and white to lay down what is wrong and right tell the l
Aardvarks - Homeless
Silent rejection whenever you see my face but deep inside your glances burn liquid release is running down my throat deceitful warmth fullfills my bones No place to rest, no home to stay no life t
Aardvarks - Late Onus
Talk scream to my dreaming but trembling mind Break slumbering thoughts that I suddenly find Waken invisible memories breaking the seal Caught inbetween feelings that noone can heal Drive in me di
Aardvarks - Meat
Scanning the crowd for a beauty My vision's prepared by my lust my senses are searching for signs the only thing that I can trust The scent of musk fills my nose Hot eyes staring deep into mine the s
Aardvarks - MerryGoRound
Living in blind superstition fearing malignant unknown former believe old tradition faces behind the mask tribute to natures renewal wishing for better times it used to make sense to our fathers but


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