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A ha - (Seemingly) Nonstop July
(Pal Waaktaar) Walking by strangers Stranger than me We talk of the future Between you and me Sweet little darling Where will we be Sweet little darling Where will we be It's hard to conceive it
A ha - A Little Bit
And it will take a little bit of extra time To make it shine, to make it shine And it will take a little bit of extra care To bring it where you think it's there And there's no one else around Thi
A ha - Afternoon High
The sunlight hits the corner of your eye As it bounces off the morning sky The summer in the 70s fly by Bye Daylight hits the corners of your mind Steals the thought you thought no one could find
A ha - And You Tell Me
(Pal Waaktaar) Please don't hurt me I have told you All my love is all i've got And tomorrow is the day When I for your sake I'm coming back And you tell me That i don't love you Trying hard to ma
A ha - Cold As Stone
(Pal Waaktaar) You're back again You roam the streets And crack again You're back again You're travel-worn Standing here in the town Where you were born It's not your home The mirror sees you So
A ha - Lamb To The Slaughter
(Mange Furuholmen) I went down to the water Like a lamb to the slaughter Didn't know what was waiting for me there Nobody warned me Nobody told me My excuse is I wasn't prepared I drank deep from th
A ha - Manhattan Skyline
(Mags/Pal Waaktaar) We sit and watch umbrellas fly I'm trying to keep my newspaper dry I hear myself say, My boat's leaving now we shake hands and cry Now I must wave goodbye Wave goodbye Wav
A ha - Memorial Beach
(Pal Waaktaar) I pace the length of my unmade room In times of change My bags are packed, guess I'm leaving the womb Into the rain We never found A place to hide Some peace of mind God knows we tri
A ha - Minor Earth, Major Sky
(Magne Furuholmen / Paul Waaktaar) I can't see me in this empty place Just another lonely face I can't see me here in outer space It's so hard to leave a trace And I try and I try and I try But it ne
A ha - Shapes that go together
When you were wrapped in tangles I was free And when you were undecided I believed It's alright, tonight On a deep blue mountain high The shapes that go together You and I When you were filled wi
A ha - Slender Frame
( Pal Waaktaar/Mags) Your coat is hanging loosely On your slender frame There's many roads to lave by But few come back again I don't believe it I believe it Take a look around and see What's stopp
A ha - Summer Moved On
(Paul Waaktaar) Summer moved on And the way it goes You can't tag along Honey moved out And the way it went Leaves no doubt Moments will pass In the morning light I found out Seasons can't last
A ha - The Blood That Moves The Body
(Pal Waaktaar) It's the way we feel Tonight As if it's all unreal All right My love, won't you come back to Our love, you know I'll react to The blood that moves my body Now covers the ground The
A ha - The Living Daylights
(John Barry/ Pal Waaktaar) Hey driver, where we're going I swear my nerves are showing Set your hopes up way too high The living's in the way we die Comes the morning and the headlights fade away Hun
A ha - This Alone Is Love
(Mags/Pal Waaktaar) This alone is love No small thing This alone is love That my love brings And all of us who are travelling by trap-doors Our souls are a myriad of wars And I'm losing everyone I
A ha - Velvet
(Paul Waaktaar / Lauren Savoy) Her skin is like velvet Her face cut from stone Her eyes when she's smiling Will never reach home But hear how she sings Her touch would be tender Her lips would be wa


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