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A Perfect Murder - 24 Hours
Here on the street Feeling the cool of the dawn Shuffling feet Faces are ragged and worn They've been working all night Waiting for the curtain to rise While you're under the sheets You with the sta
A Perfect Murder - A Perfect Murder
I watch you quickly destroy. I watch you slowly bury. A beauty that we seek to keep. But mostly impossible to... reach. Death is the solution. To kill is your intention. Death will be yours. Vicars
A Perfect Murder - Across The Universe
Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe. Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my open mind, Possessing
A Perfect Murder - Age Of Consent
I want to meet you at that restaurant The one you love it's got a pretty front What a front The girls are holding hands It's a treat to indulge Or we can sit awhile and look around Look around, round
A Perfect Murder - American Panorama
Martin Luther B.B. King You had a dream and you make us swing Doctor Winston J.F.K. You had a dream but they blew you away Americana panorama Big apple rice banana Bit but keep your backs against th
A Perfect Murder - Baron Samedi
I'll show you man who walk on fire And don't get burned Don't get burned, don't get burned He don't get burned I'll show you man who tread on glass And he don't get cut Don't get cut, don't get cut
A Perfect Murder - Brand New Day
When you open your eyes To a brand new morning And the sun shines Above you You pull on your breeches and say Oh well, It's the start of a brand new day For birds of prey You live and learn your
A Perfect Murder - Cease To Suffer
Diving head first into this hopeless world. I was born to breathe not to choke. Can you see my wounds. Can you feel my pain. Cease to breathe. Cease to suffer. I choose to face this fucking world. A
A Perfect Murder - Code Of Silence
Deep in the night I can hear you calling my name How can I try to help you woman If you go on hiding your pain Baby, Baby, the tears on your pillow are real You can't go on pretending to me when I se
A Perfect Murder - Dead And Gone
Dear drew You blew our flame away It passed by so fast I'm writing this song Despite knowing how it will end. I write blood covered words With tears and a knife in my hands My world is crumbling dow
A Perfect Murder - Everything You Wanted To Know About
I took my fantasy to Deborah You know she's always been a friendly girl You'll see her cruise the Picadilly streets And she winks at every man she meets I've been a fan of hers for quite a time I trie
A Perfect Murder - Flying Junk
Oo he's a sly one He's a razamataz man He flew in from Singapore On a flying junk man Oo he's a devil Oo and the devil's gonna bring you down Oo he's a stalwart With a heavy load on He's got a fi
A Perfect Murder - From Rochdale To Ocho Rios
From Rochdale to Ocho Rios From Ocho Rios to Dorking From Dorking its back to Rochdale From Rochdale to Ocho Rios You spend half your life in transit But that's just the way God plans it Pack a shir
A Perfect Murder - Get It While You Can
You've got to get it while you can Time and time we've gone no man Tomorrow will become today It's there to take it if you try Everybody's having fun So why be the one Who's out in the cold Don't l
A Perfect Murder - Hotel
On de uber side ob de island Dere's a sky so clear and blue Can see, cross water, to de mainland New life for me and you Let's buy a hotel Let's get a yacht We'll get a golden island In the sun mad
A Perfect Murder - I Took You Home
I looked at your face somehow I knew Nothing could tear me away You started to smile and I was lost Fumbling for something to say I took you home, you took me in I knew I'd never be the same again Ba
A Perfect Murder - Laughed At My Pain
I was reaching for a hand to hold on to. And you threw me this stone. The first that killed all of my hopes. My despair, my misery. Now that I've grown up the roles have changed. My despair, my misery
A Perfect Murder - Reds In My Bed
There's a fat man who offers a change of scene Says he'll guarantee my sheet will be clean When I get on the outside But who can you trust when the walls have ears I'm for takin' a chance, like a drown
A Perfect Murder - The Burning Cross
You have no conceptions of what the word hate really means. Spreading shit all over. This world. With unfounded dogmas. No (way we'll have it). You want to purify the world motherfuckers. Than slit y
A Perfect Murder - The Monkey And The Onion
See the monkey peel the onion See the monkey cry He can feel his tears are flowin' But he don't know why He continues peeling faster 'Til the onion is no more Now at last his cryin's over But all h
A Perfect Murder - The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
Another fish head in the dustbin Another loser in the queue for the soup kitchen Another reason for a visit We think you'd better come down Another nigger on the woodpile Another honky on the dole A
A Perfect Murder - Yes, I Am
You never asked me to love you I did it all by myself You didn't make me no promises You read my feelings so well [CHORUS] Oh wow wow what you've done for me Oh wow wow even a fool could see Oh wow


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