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A Perfect Circle - 257 weeks
You could be waiting for the day that won't come And you can be so much more than, you've become And I have found my beat, 257 weeks And you could be waiting for the day that won't come You could be
A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras
Threw you the obvious And you flew with it on your back A name In your recollection, Down among a million say. Difficult not to feel a little bit Disappointed and passed over When I've looked ri
A Perfect Circle - A Stranger
Cast the calming apple Up and over satellites To draw out the timid wild one To convince you it's alright And I listen for the whisper Of your sweet insanity while I formulate Denials of your a
A Perfect Circle - Absolutely (story of a girl)
(Chorus:) This is the story of a girl Who cried a river and drowned the whole world And while she looks so sad in photographs I absolutely love her When she smiles How many days in a year? She wok
A Perfect Circle - Back to me
"Back To Me" If you would just come back to me, I would be so good I'll put your trust back in me, The least I think you should We'll call it my pathology, so I misunderstood A bit selfish I should
A Perfect Circle - Brena
my reflection wraps and pulls me under healing waters to be bathed in brena. guides me safely in worlds i’ve never been to heal me, heal me, my dear brena. so vulnerable but it’s
A Perfect Circle - Diary of a lovesong
screaming at the window watch me die another day hopeless situation endless price i'll have to pay diary of a madman walk the line again today entries of confusion dear diary, i'm here to stay
A Perfect Circle - Judith
You're such an inspiration for the ways That I will never ever choose to be Oh so many ways for me to show you How your saint has abandoned you Fuck your God Your Lord and your Christ he did thi
A Perfect Circle - Rose
don't disturb the beast the temperamental goat the snail while he's feeding on the rose stay frozen compromise what i will i am bend around the wind silently blown about again i'm treading so soft and
A Perfect Circle - The Noose
So glad to see you well Overcome and completely silent now Without himself You cast your demons out A knot to pull your halo down Around your neck and tug you off your cloud But I'm more than j
A Perfect Circle - The Package
Clever got me this far Then tricky got me in Eye on what I'm after I don't need another friend Smile and drop the cliche 'Till you think I'm listening I take just what I came for Then I'm out
A Perfect Circle - Thinking Of You
lying all alone and restless. unable to lose this image. sleepless, unable to focus on anything but your surrender. tugging a rhythm to the vision that1s in my head. tugging a beat to the sight of you
A Perfect Circle - Wanna be
To watch the leaves grow on the trees with you is out of question I walk into this summer all alone the usual session You feel your instinct then you act but was it your intention To leave me down and b


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