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A New Found Glory - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Look into my eyes and you will see What you mean to me Search your heart, search your soul And when you find me there you'll search no more Don't tell me it's not worth trying for You can't tell me it
A New Found Glory - 3rd And Long
Pick up the pieces that I've left behind I woke up today feeling older and never so much better I know I talk in circles. I never wanted to avoid your conversation. You see yourself in my eyes. anoth
A New Found Glory - All About Her
Let me practice this before I say it to you I know it might come out wrong but I want it to Another chance to fight Another way to make it right So forget all of your chances It's up to you to follow
A New Found Glory - All for her
Let me practice this before I say it to you I know it might come out wrong but I want it to Another chance to fight Another way to make it right So forget all of your chances It's up to you to follow
A New Found Glory - Ballad For The Lost Romantics
I've grown sick I've gotten older I finally have an audience to ignore me I can yell all I want But you still (still) can't hear me I'm punching myself out Holding in my breath I can't take this lig
A New Found Glory - Before Your Suffering
It's like a walk in the dark And then there's one remark and knowing that you're gona die Someone behind is gona take your life And you keep wondering why, why Sometimes you'll see yourself by yourself
A New Found Glory - Better Off Dead
Ash his heart onto the ground Pull his guts out by frustration Be careful you might kill him Just cause he can't hear what you say Doesn't mean that he's not listening If you listen to your words He
A New Found Glory - Black And Blue
It's time to open your eyes And wake up to the morning Today calls out your name And I can never be the same Without you Ruining my life That's what you seem to be the best at Yeah, yeah, yeah Bein
A New Found Glory - Boy Crazy
Some girls are crazy Just listen to what I have to say about it You've gotta watch out for the beautiful ones They'll twist your head right off your neck And laugh about it with their friends That's j
A New Found Glory - Chelsea Smile
Economy the American dream Deciecing the world it's vanity seen Democratic a crook of shit Bush is a cunt a puss filled cyst Power. greed. currupt and sick There's nothing but lies, scandal and shit
A New Found Glory - Destined To Be Dead
Why must we die. life is a lie. there is no choice Death is coming For everyone. under the sun. slice life begun Deaths been growing Inside of us. so ominous. waiting to crush The life in us Struggle
A New Found Glory - Dressed To Kill
I know it's hard for you To understand what I'm going through But now I sit here to remind myself You're always dressed to kill And you feel like you owe it to the world But you owe it to yourself An
A New Found Glory - Forget
These things that we too soon forget Collecting dust...spider webs that grow and grow Till there's nothing left Except for shreds that you can't quite call evidence That I had a life before today
A New Found Glory - Head On Collison
I've been waiting for a good day I've been holding back long enough I've been hurting to tell you some things it's not the falling of the temperature that's making all our bones run cool it's the
A New Found Glory - Hit Or Miss
The needle on my record player has been wearing thin This record has been playing since the day you've been with him No more long rides home No more of your station I didn't like it anyways Remember
A New Found Glory - Kick It All Away
Danger on your doorstep, get the red carpet out Get the floor swept, turn the volume to full Feel the adrenalin pull prepare to break every rule Just like a raging bull Charging through your gates Pet
A New Found Glory - Lunch trunk battle
(Feat. Xzibit & Vanessa) VANESSA : Man I’m so sick and tired of fucking with this steel. They only give us 30 minutes to eat lunch and chill. My body achin just to get a buck. I’m
A New Found Glory - My WouldBe Saviour
You try and fill my mind with doubt Say I've forgotten who I am But maybe you've forgotten how to Bridge: You try and fill my mind with doubt Say I've forgotten who I am But mayb
A New Found Glory - Never Ending Story
Turn around Look at what you see In her face The mirror of your dreams Make believe I'm everywhere Hidden in the lines Written on the pages Is the answer to a never ending story ah ah ah Reach
A New Found Glory - Sincerely Me
Dear your name here... It's been a long time, very long time Since I've heard your voice And I bet she never thought I was So sorry so? I've had a hard time very hard time Seeing less of you I never
A New Found Glory - Singled Out
I figured all the years we shared were proof enough To extend my hand and help you I know that getting started can be rough Enthused smile you seemed grateful I felt real good about myself That's
A New Found Glory - Sucker
You're more than tongue tied this time Well I can feel it in you lips Nobody told me you were a sucker for a kiss Music low We're all alone Being wrong never felt so right Tell me about your first ki
A New Found Glory - Tell Tale Heart
Don't tell me what it's like to love someone. a different song for a different girl. and to think I might be wrong. Tell tale heart again. words like these won't win these words and hearts. you woul
A New Found Glory - The Goodbye Song
Last year was one of our better years. in a life full of separation it's ok to second guess. just as long as you remember she's gone... In the bright of day it might seem like the stars are gone. the
A New Found Glory - The Story So Far
I can't remember the time or place Or what you were wearing It's unclear about how we met All I know is it was the best conversation that I've ever had To this day I've never found someone With eyes
A New Found Glory - Vegas
It doesn't take much to keep holding someone's hand You have to keep your eyes open as wide as you can You never know what could come along... Sometimes people think that they are so in love When it's
A New Found Glory - Whats Lost Is Tomorrow
Suffocated with no way out Caught in an eternal time frame Desperate for a new connection Reaching out I'm blinded It seems to me I have no future When what's lost is tomorrow I've been ruled out I c


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