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A Life Once Lost - 24,900 Miles Per Hour
She came down the staircase Climbed into a dumpster She grabbed an index card and she taped it to her forehead and it read Poor white trash She grabbed a gun, put it to her heart and pulled the trigger
A Life Once Lost - Acid Manic
get out of my way when I'm taking my turn I'm an acid manic letting it all burn - baby beer in my belly and nothing left to lose all my answers tell me love is a lie, made to make you blue Oh - wor
A Life Once Lost - Aim To Please
What do you mean when you say We've changed our ways? Say we're just too political, Or we don't have much to say. The ones who criticize our reasons, Always seem to disagree. No matter what we do, I
A Life Once Lost - Colorblind
I don't feel that prejudice, Can't see divided lines. To me we are all just the same, Our difference in our souls and minds. You tell me that the difference, Is red, brown, black and white. A world o
A Life Once Lost - Deep In The Heart
I've got a certain kind of feeling As he stepped outside that door Instantly I want something But I don't get no more Please give me more I want some more Got a certain kind of feeling As he stepp
A Life Once Lost - Good To Go
go! seems like the dark clouds have faded and all that frustration is gone. i waited and waited for something to come move this bad thing along. now i know that i'm good to go. i can move far ahead. w
A Life Once Lost - Here We Go Again, Kids
it's been awhile and so much has happened. the family has grown, a chapter's been added. and here we are, it's so great to see. we're on another mission, you and me. still after all of the craziness we
A Life Once Lost - Hip Like Junk
He said I did something really stupid today He said I did something really stupid today Well can I bounce, bounce a rock off your head? Can I pronounce, pronounce you dead? Can I bounce, bounce that r
A Life Once Lost - I Have A Dream
Hatred I can't stand it anymore. The color of our skin we must ignore. Do you feel the pain or see the hurt, Or do you let it pass right by instead? (Chorus) This fighting, dividing, y'know we'll only
A Life Once Lost - In Anything Done Under The Sun
with a simple blink of an eye the trupeter stops he has run out of breath he dtops to his knees to regain his breath panting and gasping for as much air as he can fit into his tired lungs he risses
A Life Once Lost - Just Before His Crucifixion
screaming out loud. I loved everyone. I never meant to hurt anyone. just as the nails of so many man before Me, drove through My skin. it seemed to silence His lips. for no one really cared. He then let ou
A Life Once Lost - Man Enough To C
Daddy always told you, do it like a man, never get too friendly, ome won't understand, friends have got you in on all those hard things that they've planned, All your life they told you, never shed a tea
A Life Once Lost - Pious
a clustered mind is not a benefical one i am being chocked mentally thought flow through my head like a verbose raging river tambling four word phrases jumping from noun to noun i yearn to live for a
A Life Once Lost - Rest My Head
(Left you, jest you??) (Smoke screen in your shakey ground??) And I can rest my head When I feel the need It's just I'm not around So quit your crying And your complaing You got explaining to do
A Life Once Lost - Straight On
Yeah, you do drugs, you know I don't, Yet it's a trend just 'cos I don't, Leave me be, can't you see, I hate the way it fuckin' smells. I hate the way it makes me feel. Thumbs down to all those drugs
A Life Once Lost - Surreal Atrocities
the damage has been done listen to the cries of turmoil as the day continues to rain you can hear the vocal violence silence the crowd words fall short of sound as the loudest of men becom speechles
A Life Once Lost - The Wicked Will Rot
when did this all start anyway? we have all the time in the world to kil so lets converse over my imperfections you did it all the time even when i was standing next to you whey should now be any diff
A Life Once Lost - This World Of Mine
1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4! no matter what you say. no matter what you do. it makes no difference at all to me. you do all that you can to grab the upperhand, but it won't make me change the way i feel. in this
A Life Once Lost - Whoopie Cat
He said I had a dream. I had a dream about you. And in my dream you were so mean. She said she's like that now You know she's like that now She said she's like that now She's so mean, (?I said Soun


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