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A Global Threat - 12345
Are you ready for attack? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Stargate ah yeah Yeah [etc] Five have been around and livin' it up We're changin' it around just keeping you right When we get excited no we never stop E
A Global Threat - 5 sterne deluxe
Fnf Sterne deluxe - Fnf Sterne deluxe Eins, zwei, drei, vier, Fnf Sterne deluxe Wir lsen Glcksgefhle aus wie bei Kindern Jerry die Maus, die den Kater Tom verarscht ohne Ende, werft eure Hnde in
A Global Threat - Afraid To Say This
The arrow struck my heart again. I picked a rose and bled misery away. I stepped into the light just to see a glimpse of you. It feels like I'm in a movie, as the orchestra plays you in. Slow motion whe
A Global Threat - All I Need
Tom Meltzer More pretty girls than one, more pretty girls than one Every town I wander 'round More pretty girls than one Just like old Woody Guthrie sung There's more pretty girls in the world than o
A Global Threat - Blow You Away
they've got you and your next move push buttons for the army block bullets for the rich a stupid game, sit back and wait for the day they decide to... BLOW YOU AWAY now you're no more hang by, they
A Global Threat - Hiphopclowns und partyrapper
Hip Hop-Clowns und Party-Rapper Hip Hop-Clowns und Party-Rapper Hip Hop-Clowns und Party-Rapper Hip Hop-Clowns und Party-Rapper Samstag abend 18 Uhr ding dong Hallo Nils Hallo Arne, du hast ja schon
A Global Threat - Kicking It Under
caught in the lines in between fairness and hipocrasy to me it just doesnt seem right to give wings then expect not to fly my girl is a cute little freak monogamys getting to me Im shot my emotions a
A Global Threat - Mr Williams
(Tom Meltzer) from a faith healer's advertisement From the land of miracles comes Mr. Williams And he says Don't Give Up - He says Don't Give Up This Southern born spiritualist who brings to you The
A Global Threat - My Best Friends
i'll try to live through this please watch over me. you were always there for me when i needed a shoulder to cry on childhood can be so cruel thank god i had you they say you should remember them the
A Global Threat - My Cold November
That night I hung up the phone. Tears were rolling down my eyes. All I had was the comfort of my best friends. The next day left alone. I watched the Lions game. Anything to get my mind off of you. I d
A Global Threat - Paul Cezanne
Tom Meltzer Well, I love Cubism, it's my favorite style When I see a Cubist painting I've just got to smile But there's one painter, I'm his biggest fan He's the father of Cubism and his name's Cezann
A Global Threat - Pisshead
Comes home giving you an attitude and he dont come home when you want him to and hes out smokin pot comes home is eyes are blood shot blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah blah,bee,ya,bah,blah,blah,blah
A Global Threat - So Much For Plan A
I'm giving up. Never gave up on anything before in my life. Congratulations. Because of you I'm believing love is a lie. You tell a girl the truth, that you're falling for her And she rips out your hear
A Global Threat - So Paranoid
hearing sounds at your front door do they think you don't watch out anymore? will they come and take what's yours? all the houses look the same and do they even know your name? or these sounds just an
A Global Threat - Sucks To The Political
If punk's not a religion then you don't have a savior's word And it's not, so I never will subscribe to your thoughts 'Cause you've got nothing to say that I haven't heard Gospel talk and the holy word
A Global Threat - The Kids Will Revolt
police cars are after you, your parents tell you what to do if what they say is all so true, i guess there's no home left for you kids will revolt... against all authority teachers tell you what to thin
A Global Threat - Trust Me
(Paul Foglino) I bet you get to feeling pretty well shot Like you used to think a deal's a deal, but now you know it's not And it don't matter if you work or steal cause there's no one behind the wheel
A Global Threat - Young And Dead
At the shows and on the streets Some punks just wont accept you think differently The way you live it was the wrong way to be Vegetarian or not, drug free or drunk There's always somebody who says you'


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