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A Camp - 3t
Oh, oh They say in this world nothing last for ever, But I don’t believe that’s true, Cause the way that I feel When we’re together I know that’s the way I’ll always fee
A Camp - Algebra
Why can't you just Forget about algebra It's all about you now And all your talk Of logic and formula Could never help you now Not anymore Cause you were always On the run From the darkne
A Camp - Angel Of Sadness
Something's watching over me There's someone in My house that I can't see I've asked her many times to leave She tells me she's not evil In my hours of confidence When feeling real and Worthy
A Camp - Bred In The Bone
Didn't you want to place Didn't you want to show No you've got a disease And it's laid you low (Laid you low) If you had it in you What you had before You could pick yourself up Up off of the floor
A Camp - Dirty Little Rat
(John Critchley) Dirty little rat, never could get it straight The man upstairs says he doesn't care If you live 'til daylight Dirty little rat Get your coat, get your hat We're gonna take a ride ton
A Camp - Going Under
I hear the door slam shut, so I know that you're home You've been out all night, I've been here alone And I've been wondering if you're the same person I knew The bright lights that shine in your eyes,
A Camp - Hard As A Stone
In the morning And in the evening When you think You're alone Too many hours In your apartment Has made me Hard as a stone I've tried to crack you I told you you're the one But you must
A Camp - I Can Buy You
A life of sanity and dignity You know it takes two And what's the use in being a millionaire If I can't have you I wanna buy you a home I'll pay your friends If you're feeling alone The pain
A Camp - Lift You Up
(John Critchley) Your mind is all cluttered now But you drag yourself along somehow Through dark dreams of that visit you in the night Obscure fragments with broad daylight Watch me now What did you
A Camp - Perpetual Motion Machine
(Jim Hughes) Perpetual motion machine, it came to me in a dream Let's catch some air, that's if you dare I'm only sixteen but you're my queen It's a bright, bright morning, the road stretches far The
A Camp - Silent Night
Baby brown I think I need you now To put me down And help me lift me up Your shaking bones In my telephone No good For anyone Baby brown So you think you Know me now You tell me how
A Camp - Such A Bad Comedown
I danced for a while And my moves Would make you smile Oh, I loved you then My dear chemical lover You veiled me in your haze Like a puppet in your lace Amazing disgrace From your Silvers
A Camp - The Bluest Eyes In Texas
The lonesome Texas sun was setting low And in the rearview mirror I watched it go I can still see the wind in her golden hair I close my eyes for a moment, I'm still here The bluest eyes in Texas
A Camp - The Golden Age
So the Golden Age passed away to silver But that was long ago There were swimming holes and the Vaudeville They gave way to this Bronze turned itself slowly into iron And here we are today If what yo
A Camp - Unconscience
Sometimes I'm dirty, sometimes I'm clean Sometime I talk in circles so I don't know what I mean Although I am uncertain, one thing seems clear I don't know very much, but I'm still glad to be here Beca


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