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AGE 9 - Everyday
And as I introspect, I see the hate. I feel the pain. Why do you invade me, tell me my life is a mess? I don't deserve this. I try so hard. I try for me. I'm trying everyday. Why can't I
AGE 9 - God Given Right
Loss of life there’s no reason why. Again and again the bottled death suicide. Brain dead in your world of straight lies. Bullet in your head shot by the high life. Cock the hammer pull the
AGE 9 - In Security
What will it take to prove your gender? What will it take to prove your size? To let them know place your reminder. Show them where your manhood lies. Talk of your strength, talk of their weaknes
AGE 9 - Point Of You
Taking it to me and about me. Question my strength, you know they doubt me. They don’t know everything about me. They don’t know anything about me. Everything they say is wrong. Everything
AGE 9 - Rejection Injection
Rejection. So you fell for that stupid lie, you thought you were loved, and now you’re hating everyone just because you got fucked. It hurts, it hurts so bad you wish you were never born. How
AGE 9 - The Meaning Of A True HardCore
I don’t care what they say. Their prejudice won’t change me. I do what I feel is right that’s how I am, and I’ll stay straight right till the end. I speak my mind, I don’t talk shit.
AGE 9 - Words
You tell them what they want to hear. Make them invincible. Show them how they can be down. They want to be like you. Dress them up, get them high. Show them how it’s done Pump them up, gi


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