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AFI - ...but home is nowhere
Twenty-six years and seems like I've just begun To understand my, my intimate is no one When the director sold the show, who bought its last rites? They cut the cast, the music, and the lights This i
AFI - 6 to 8
Six figures enter; they've come to destroy the world. They've called together this storm almost every night. I awake in another place. A familiar voice with a stranger's face speaks more unheard words
AFI - A single second
Oh my God! My God this can't be happening! God tell me, tell me this isn't real! I can't believe all that I have foreseen is finally happening. I cannot for a single second stand the way I feel. I
AFI - Advances in modern technology
Every night I walk the streets, awake while everyone else sleeps. I'm giving unease to anyone I meet. My generosity can never run out, because I give a gift from what's within myself. No hope at all. Ta
AFI - At a glance
No haven now as I watch it pour from everywhere. Just like the storm that has come out of thin air. Gentle caresses, just as paper thin -frail and only- lack the strength to hold. What if could go to sl
AFI - Catch a hot one
Let's tap your heart so we can paint the walls and see if anybody likes the tone or the pain. The hungry eyes waiting for life flash, now they're gonna see it. Open your veins so we can make a pool an
AFI - Cereal wars
Get up early in the morning, going to the store. Post, Kellogs, General Mills? It's the cereal war. Fucking store never has the monsters and they never get more. Post, Kellogs, General Mills? It's the
AFI - Ever and a day
Lie in comfort of sweet calamity with nothing left to lose. Like in the darkness, I'm slowly drowned to sleep nothing left to lose. Three tears I've saved for you. I'd retrace the steps that lead me
AFI - File 13
I sleep until there is no light. I'm wide awake all through the night. Dinner may suck but I'll take a bite, I do whatever I can. My muscles stiffen through the day. Discomfort never goes away. Someon
AFI - Kungfu devil
It's said and done, there is no turning back. I've made my choice, now I've gotta face the facts. Within myself, the hunger won't be subdued, because I can't have my cake and eat it too. I'm worn down
AFI - Love is a many splendored thing
Ah! You think you've got the looks, you think you've got the fashion. You thought you'd have me wanting more, but don't like my reaction. You think you're really something. You're nothing to me now.
AFI - Lower your head and take it in the body
Drowned in flames is where I can be found, my nose broke from being smashed into the ground. What a waste, this place I call my home. Escape this place and break out on my own! I'm still reaching.
AFI - Modern epic
Yeah I can see it coming. I've seen it all before. I've seen it once or twice and now I hear it call to board. This train is moving fast but how long is it gonna last. I guess that we'll find out as
AFI - No poetic device
I've been dreaming. I was lucid. I was dreaming blood was seeping from my pores. Who'd believe that it was all my own decision? Cracked faces and medicated smiles. Set fire to my home before I turned and
AFI - Porphyria cutanea tarda
I know... It's here we retreat, for where else could we go? To great disbelief there is somewhere we belong. In negative space supposed flaws go unseen, but our strength is shown. In darkness together w
AFI - Salt for your wounds
There's a tear in my heart where the blood ran out. There's a tear in my heart where the love ran out. I thought we worked, pushed toward the same ends, I'll never be so quick to trust again. Disench
AFI - Shatty fatmas
Don't care to hear what you heard. I won't believe a single word. Don't care to hear what you say. I won't believe it anyway. You relay fiction, facts you avoid. You're just like a fucking tabloid, y
AFI - This secret ninja
Just like cellophane, you try to cling so tight to me, but your attempt's in vain. You've less sincerity than the plastic. Paper in the rain. The print appears so bright to me. The words remain. I hold
AFI - Two of a kind
Hangin' out and lingerin' around, cause you know where I'll be found and I don't know how you do it. This obsession I must admit has me shaken up a bit. My solidarity now only comes in pairs. I'd like
AFI - Weathered tome
They're coming 'round again. I've returned and they've been waiting. Their aged offererings received and returned, passed through wet eyes. I tremble as I feel them rolling in for, my sins, the old ghost
AFI - Your name here
It's the same old situation, it seems it's coming around again. I won't play the fool, I'm not screwing around. I only play to win. I only want what I deserve so who are you trying to kid? You can call


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