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ABC - 15 Storey Halo
It'll never happen until you remove Until you flatten your 10-20-30-40-15 storey halo Bottle blondes and beach boys Might marvel at the size But honey something that big You now the best don't adverti
ABC - 4 Ever 2 Gether
Speak no Evil You can't tell me, how to run my life You can't tell me, drugs you're using You're talking loud, and saying nothing Walking proud, and going nowhere fast You know If you could tell me,
ABC - All Of My Heart
Once upon a time when we were friends I gave you my heart. The story ends No happy ever after, now were friends Wish upon a star if that might help The stars collide if you decide Wish upon a star if
ABC - All That Matters
I believe that this world was made for everyone I can see all that wealth won't make a champion All that matters in my world (life) All that matters to me is you Only you, Only you All that matters, O
ABC - Answered Prayer
Every problem has solutions Look inside your heart, see what you might find You can draw your own conclusions There’s summer in your soul, winter in your mind I love, I love, I love you I need, I ne
ABC - Ark Angel
Red ribbon rainbow A garland of gold for your hair Wherever you go I see faith crush despair In chaos find courage The answer to my prayer Lipstick... liner... perfume... soap Won't scrub this city
ABC - Ask A Thousand Times
When I'm high, you're low When I'm up, you're down And we're never around When we need each other Back stabbing You know that I bleed I just know you'll disagree * Ask a thousand times A thousand t
ABC - Bad Blood
Somehow... someway... somewhere Bad blood - When you speak you know I'll listen Bad blood - all your kisses now I'll miss them Bad blood - a bulletin on in car system Bad blood is back There are those
ABC - Between You And Me
So trouble comes strolling through the door But anything worth having's worth fighting for Fiction or fact you'll supply the plot We'll both be featured - like it or not Yes I guess you think I'm stupi
ABC - Heaven Knows
I have tried To make it on my own And I have survived But surviving is no rival For your love * Now I know that it's true There is no way I can't be Without you Heaven knows that it's true I can't
ABC - Jealous Lover
To all of those who had their doubts Now those doubts... I forgive them To everyone who's led one life Then love life... it's humble rhythm To all of those who harbour dreams All you get... is what yo
ABC - Satori
Pa-pa pa-pa-pa pa-da Seeking your own satori pa-da pa-pa-pa pa-da Seeking your own satori pa-da pa-pa-pa pa-da Kissing the sky and heaven above Seeking your own satori Wringing the neck of brotherly
ABC - Skyscraping
It's four o'clock And the bells are ringing The sun is in the sky I hear the song That the breeze is bringing I smile and close my eyes Slowly drifting Deeper and deeper inside I hear your voice W
ABC - So Hip It Hurts
Do you remember when men wore skirts? - so hip! In kipper ties like jealous flirts - so hip! In calico and in brocade shirts - so hip it hurts! Do you remember when girls wore slacks? - so hip! Traffic
ABC - Tears Are Not Enough
Tears for souvenirs Tears are not enough Tears for shields and spears Tears are not enough Searching for certainty When it's such an unstable world Searching for something good And I'm looking for
ABC - Tower Of London
Let me take you to Trafalgar Square Let me take you there Every street's a fashion catwalk Everyone's debonair Let me take you to Piccadilly Guess it leads somewhere Tower over centuries, tower over
ABC - Who Can I Turn To
If only I could stand On my own two feet Oh honey, then I'd know Life could be so sweet Someone to drive Someone to blame Someone to rush through my veins Someone to wash it all away * Who can I tu


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