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AB4 - Born to learn
Since the day u were born The beginning U were told how to do things U don't think what u feel Or say what u think U don't feel u say To love and maybe to blink Society couldn't take them away...
AB4 - Break
See you, breaking my life into million pieces I?m used to all your poisoned kisses I?ll fight your guts untill you?re down Hey now, come closer, help me on this one Supposed to pack your things and gon
AB4 - Cantec
Simt cum imi zvacnesc tamplele Si nu mai pot nici sa gandesc De cateva ori ma uit numai la tine Si toate aceste semne-ti arata Cat te vreau,cat te vreau,cat te vreau,cat te vreau Si caut un sarut s
AB4 - Casual dreams
Everything else now The time may erase But I just can't forget your face I just can't forget your face Never met you,and maybe never will Something that never lived You simply cannot kill chorus:Is
AB4 - Come
Kiss me, show me your eyes, Feel me, come undisguised. Will you smile, will you let yourself go? Brace me now with your arms Always, for always Come again Take me, take me with you Right now, I?
AB4 - Cristina
: Priveste mama la mine Ce printesa am langa mine Ea este nevasta mea Si o cheama Cristina. II: Satena cu ochi caprui Fura inima oricui Mi-a furat-o si pe-a mea Cristina, Cristina Tu-mi faci gre
AB4 - Despe o tipa
I: Am nevoie de-o prietena Usuratica Cu vederi foarte largi Si charismatica Si desi Tu nu stii Ce inseamna Cred ca ti s-ar potrivi aceasta rama. Refren: Am nevoie de cineva Asa cum esti tu
AB4 - Different horizons
Different horizons,understanding well Opened minds in crisis Every now and then... Trusting will fulfill you There is room for two Ask me not for nothing Things that I wouldn't do chorus:Here you
AB4 - Gepila
I: Dureri de cap, dureri de bila M-am transformat in vata hidrofila Nu nu, nu mai sunt eu Si acest lucru nu-l displac Imi place floarea de bumbac Nu nu, nu mai sint eu Si din bunavointa mea umila M
AB4 - M t v (mouse trough veins)
Now that you're coming to me I open my eyes just to see All of my thoughts going free A reason enough for to be chorus:Hear you When you barely just breath in next to my ears You're whispering the
AB4 - Made in rumania
I: Speli ciorapi, maturi mult, calci si toale Ai un scop stiu ca vrei, sa ma iei De barbat devotat fara toane Si fara idei Si-ncerci sa te-ascunzi Refren: Dar stii si tu Si stiu si yo Cat
AB4 - Missing parts
I don't care what's with me I will share it all for free I just hate the good-byes I despise... chorus:Wouldn't I,wouldn't I,fell... Something is missing A part of you missing,again... I won't dare
AB4 - Need for a change
Need for a change I have no more dreams for now I have things to trade,we will agree somehow Strange but life will rearrange For a second chorus:You are the only friend I got You are the only truth
AB4 - Rumours
Words around you are beautifull Favourite roads now I'm riding Counting lifes of my soul Seek experience It returns to nothing... Here's what I'm asking chorus:All I need is a friend,just a friend,al
AB4 - Toxic
I: E inc-o zi, cica normala Dar cu acelasi sound Ce-aici din zona mea natala Cu gauri in asfalt Si-ncerc sa ma desprind cat pot Incerc sa fac ceva Te-arunc in cap Ca vreau sa scap Sa iesi
AB4 - Vreau sa te fac
I: Ma uit la tine-n fiecare zi Si tu nici macar nu stii Cat de mult te admir Sunt napadit de ganduri Stau si parc-as sta pe scanduri Nu mai pot sa respir Si nu mai pot Refren: Imi doresc


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