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Versuri Youth Brigade - Who Can You Believe In


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Versuri >> Youth Brigade >> Who Can You Believe In
Videoclip Melodie
it seems that life is a system a duality at best
a choice of taking this or that yet there's more
than east or west don't limit yourself despite
what you've been taught it's so hard to decide
what's right or wrong until you get caught it's
difficult to understand and i know it get's
confusing trust and faith are just mere words, so
always ask your self who can you belive in the
politics that run our lives the institutions that
guide us don't always work the way they should
they seem to function despite us what's in the
food we eat what's in the air we breathe what do
we need tos ustain us, the knowledge of one man's
life is not enough to maintain us when you think
about it there is so little that we know
everything is relative and most is just for show
so when you find your world crashing down all
around you close your eyes and listen to yourself
and then let go

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