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Versuri Youth Brigade - Where Are We Going


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Versuri >> Youth Brigade >> Where Are We Going
Videoclip Melodie
driveing down the highway, just the other day we
carried on so long then i realized we'd lost our
way so we start to argue about so many things who
was to blame we were going insane when i hear
these voices sing oh... where are we going seems
we've reached another stalemate that's alright i
don't wanna fight i'm so sick of talking about how
we could or might be change things, work it out i
feel so trapped that i want to shout you know i'm
seeing red all i hear are these voices in my head
singin' it seems the world around me is a
reflection of my life my trieals and tribulations
are like problems of great nations as we travel on
as a species we move farther from our past and i
hope as we look into the future there'll be less
anxiety singin'

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