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Versuri Xscape - The Runaround


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Versuri >> Xscape >> The Runaround
Videoclip Melodie
But you been sleepin' and you're creepin', babe,

But you been creepin' and you're sleepin', baby.

Verse One (LaTocha):

It's Friday night and I've been freakin' out,

900 times, I know I called your house,

So many times your momma cursed me out,

But I'm not sorry.

Saturday morning, I ain't slept at all,

I smelled her perfume and your alcohol,

They say that you and her have had a ball,

Don't you dare lie to me.


I know I'm gettin' the runaround,

I know that you sleep around,

So don't try and play it down,

I know you're givin' it, I know she's gettin' it.

(Repeat x2)

Verse Two (Kandi):

I grabbed my keys and I jumped in my ride,

I may be hurt but I ain't gonna cry,

Just wanna find out what you did last night,

Before I leave you.

I found her number and I know her name,

I gotta front this girl, make her explain,

I can't believe she dipped into my thing,

Yet she's getting over.

Repeat Chorus

Bridge (Kandi):

It took a lot for me to give you all my loving,

And just to think I gave you everything for

I tried my best to satisfy you,

All the times that I stood right by you,

I think that I'll be better on my own, baby.

Oh baby,

I know your givin' it, I know she's gettin' it.

But you been sleepin' and you're creepin' babe

But you been creepin' and you're sleepin' baby

Repeat Chorus to fade

Break (LaTocha):

Now I can't believe that you did this to me,

Well, you better leave.

You go tell what's her name that it isn't a game,

Boy you messed up your thang.

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