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Versuri The Echoing Green - Beautiful


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Versuri >> The Echoing Green >> Beautiful
Videoclip Melodie
She mends the daybreak

She takes the heartache so far

When she’s laughing

I can’t help but hesitate

I can’t help gravitate to her side

She’s falling but never landing

I’m frozen when she’s standing

Next to me

And I can see that

She moves like water touching silver

And she remembers

Grey days – skies of cloud and thunder

It’s beautiful to her

Do you ever wanna look at the sun

Do you ever wanna see it in someone

Or feel it somewhere?

Just a glimpse of an unfettered moment

Reflecting off her hair

I’m crying and she is laughing

Her joy is slowly tapping into me

So heavenly when

The stars all around her

My heart beating louder

There’s something about her

That makes me smile

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