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Versuri Ricky Nelson - You tear me up


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Versuri >> Ricky Nelson >> You tear me up
Videoclip Melodie
You just tear me up when you smile at me
and then my head starts buzzin' like a honey bee
My eyes won't focus and I'm so upset
I sit here shakin'in a cold cold sweat
You're makin' a fool out of me that's pretty easy
to see

You just tear me up and every time we kiss
I never thought that love would ever be like this

I guess you know that I'm in love with you
I wish you'd tell me that you love me too
You're foolin' around with my heart
please don't tear it apart

Every time you kiss me
I tremble like a little ole pup
when you put your arms around me
baby you tear me up

I just wanna know if you love me too
cause if you leave me now I don't know what I'll
I'm so in love that I can hardly speak
My head is spinnin' and I'm feelin' weak
so won't you consider my plea
don't take advantage of me

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