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Versuri Rick Astley - You Move Me


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Versuri >> Rick Astley >> You Move Me
Videoclip Melodie
(Rick Astley)

I go to work in my clean shirt

I push a pen until half past ten

I watch the clock there on the wall

Tic toc, why don't you call

The boss come in and walks down the aisles

He turns around but he never smiles

He watches me just like a hawk

And then he says we must talk

* You move me, from side to side

You move me and if feels so right

You move me up and down

You move me around and around

Son, he says (what) I've got bad news

Life is hard and you got the blues

I know you're good and I know you work hard

I'm sorry, son, but here are your cards

I went home and kicked off my shoes

And I asked myself why do I always lose

But then you called and everything was fine

I'm so glad that you are mine

(* repeat)

You're the one thing in my life

That makes me feel so good inside

will you hold me tight tonight

Oh, girl I wish you would decide

(* repeat to fade)

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