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Versuri R Kelly - Sex me part 1 sex me part 2


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Versuri >> R Kelly >> Sex me (part 1) sex me (part 2)
Videoclip Melodie
Yea 1993 Check this freaky style i was born with

I feel so freaky tonight
And i need someone to make me feel alright
So bring your body here baby
Lady have no fear
Im gonna fulfill your fantasies
Just as long as you

Sex me
Come on come on come on come on

Sex me, baby baby sex me (sex me baby) sex me sex
me baby sex me.

Come over here and let me take off your clothes
Cause things I wanna do to you, nobody has to
know(know baby).
Just lay your body right here,
Lady have no fear cause ecstacy is near (ooh
Any unexpected positions, bring it on.
Any secret fantasies you see I'll fulfill as long
as you sex me.

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